Enkei Wheels

For the longest time, Enkei Wheels has been racing in top worldwide championship competitions for over three decades which results in the unceasing improvements and technological advances of the company. Until now, Enkei still continues and strives to aim for its winning tradition while simultaneously facing new challenges and horizons in the industry of wheel technology.

Enkei Wheels has followed two types of technologies: the Durville Die casting and their MAT method ensuring that the aluminum wheels that they have created enough strength and durability that is easily comparable to the forged wheels in the market. One will be able to find sophisticated, classy, and high-tech Enkei wheels for sale in our site, you can browse by the Enkei wheels you like by size, model or color.

Enkei Wheels for Sale

Rays Wheels

RAYS Wheels has been involved and connected with the world’s top-level motor competitions like the GT1 World Championships and the F1 Racing, as well as every other category or car racing that offers a competitive and challenging feel. Though the company does not limit its operations only in Japan, the RAYS wheel company has also taken part in car races in other areas such as in Europe and the United States.

Remaining right at the limelight of development and enhancement through various car races is highly indispensable for the company, and more than anything else, this gives RAYS the opportunity to compete diligently. Rays Wheels ensure that all of the wheels they provide its users are top-notch, durable, and are made with only the best high-quality materials that one can find. Because of this, every winning moment of those who utilize the Volk Racing Wheels only shows that the company continues to strive for the best and will not settle for anything less. some of the most popular Rays wheels includes the Rays G27, Rays G25, Rays TE37 and Rays ZE40.

Rays Wheels for Sale

Yokahama Wheels

To offer its customers the best of its products, Yokohama, a reputed Japanese manufacturer of tires, has integrated the production of wheels In fact, the technology developed to create the best tires for car racing, is coupled to the best fitting tires especially designed to achieve the maximum performance. As the second line of wheels.

ADVAN Racing Wheels is none but the name given to a particular wheels’ line launched by the Yokohama Company. As one of the reputed manufacturer of tires, the Yokohama Company created its own wheels’ collections that are intended to complete the success of the Tires technology. ADVAN is derived from the word “ADVANCE” which signals that the ADVAN racing line is at several steps ahead the competitors. Yokohama Wheels also includes the AVS models.

Yokohama Wheels for Sale

WedsSport Wheels

Since 1965, Weds has been supplying the Japanese wheels market with the best wheel products. In early 70’s, the company decided to venture in the motor sport field; which it conquers successfully indeed. It became one of the recommended manufacturers of car racing wheels; the era of WedsSport wheels began. The company has invented particular designs that combine lightness to toughness and aesthetical to aerodynamics.

The WedsSport RN-05M stands as the most performing and the most resistant model featuring 5 spoke. The RN-05M comes to expand the WedsSport wheels collection that includes several models which are indeed the most recommended among the racing car wheels manufacturers.

WedsSport Wheels for Sale