Exclusive for Porsche vehicles, ADVAN/ YOKOHAMA released the ADVAN Racing GT for Porsche Macan which comes in two sizes and five color choices.

ADVAN Racing GT for PORSCHE MACAN for Sale

About Yokohama Advan Wheel Design

State-of-the-art wheels have been produced by the Yokohama Advan Wheel Design, and because of this, the company has become well-known in the automotive tire market. Each of their wheels is made to perfectly match the tires produced by Yokohama. Advanced manufacturing methods such as spin forging, mold form forging, and flow form casting are utilized in all of the company’s wheels which is why everyone thinks that the wheels by Yokohama Advan Wheel Design are one of the best and most trusted brands from Japan.

YOKOHAMA ADVAN Racing GT for Porsche Macan

What makes the ADVAN Racing GT for Porsche Macan one of the best wheel models is its simplicity. It features a 5-spoke design and is made from a form forged one-piece A6061-T6 aluminum. The ADVAN Racing GT for Porsche Macan is now available in 20 and 21 inches to perfectly fit the Porsche Macan vehicles. The wheels are sold in three colors and the rims are also knurled to prevent the tires from slipping; the specifications for Advan’s knurling process are made specifically for racing wheels. Additionally, this wheel offers a high level of strength while also being lightweight, making this a great model to use for racing. ADVAN/YOKOHAMA kept the unique rim design and profile of the GT model while also adding its strength and rigidity to be able to withstand overrunning when racing. From this, designers have done various ways to reduce the weight of the wheels. Additionally, the ADVAN Racing GT for Porsche Macan has a totally different design since it features a newly setup rim profile that allows the utilization of alternative Porsche Carbon Composite Brakes (PCCB).

Capless Wheel Design

The ADVAN Racing GT for Porsche Macan wheels are capless; this is done to reduce the wheel’s weight. However, if you wish to purchase a center cap, the ADVAN Racing center cap is sold separately, and there are also optional ornament rings which you can purchase if you wish to do so. With this, you can customize your wheels further and make your Porsche Macan look more unique.

3D Machining

The ADVAN Racing GT logo on the spokes of the ADVAN Racing GT for Porsche Macan 3D machined, which is why these are unique; due to this process, the wheels have a premium appearance and producing fake copies of this will be impossible.

Made for Porsche Macan Vehicles

The ADVAN Racing GT for Porsche Macan is a special model from ADVAN/YOKOHAMA’s GT lineup and is exclusively produced for Porsche Macan vehicles. The tire is mounted at the front rim which has a depth of 34 millimeters, and its width and inset are different across the five variations of concaves.

ADVAN Racing GT for PORSCHE Sizes & Colors

The ADVAN Racing GT for PORSCHE is available in 20 and 21 inches. Based on the size of the wheel, the finishes are as follows: Machining & Racing Hyper Black, Racing Titanium Blue & Ring, Racing Gloss Black, Racing Gold Metallic, and Racing Red.


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