ADVAN Racing GT Premium Version

Taking a step ahead of the curve comes rolling down on your roads the most brilliant of designs to have ever hit the automotive industry. ADVAN Racing GT Premium Version has all the thrilling qualities of a superlative wheel. It speaks of grandeur and high performance which will have you wanting to hit the roads all the time.

ADVAN Racing GT Premium Version For Sale

Making ADVAN proud

Founded in the year 1917, Yokohama has come a long way ever since it took its first baby steps. Known widely as ADVAN in Japan, the company has been doing exceptionally well in both wheels and tire department. Their quality work is apparent in their popular noteworthy lineups that have been gaining kudos and nods from all across the globe. One such extraordinary product lineup is the enthralling ADVAN Racing GT Premium version that speaks of a rare finesse through its rad Japanese Engineering. You could read the wheel’s flair by its sheer looks.

ADVAN Racing GT Premium version features

GT Premium version retains strength galore. It is prepared to handle any impactful collisions. It is resistant to any unfortunate onslaught from rocks. Such is the immense muscle that it packs in that it can easily withstand incessant battering without giving in to the incisive inflictions.

What ADVAN Racing GT Premium version also achieves is a lightweight feel. You realize it when you have a go at it with your hands. Choosing a lightweight Advan racing wheel for your car is only going to do you good, since you will reduce the overall weight of your ride. A lighter car will ensure you move swiftly which is the crux of any race you are getting into. Aren’t you born to win?

This Advan Racing wheel will ensure you stay at the top of your game, since it assists cornering immensely. So, if there is a sharper turn to take or a steep bend to steer towards Advan Racing GT Premium Version is all ears. It will let you handle your ride like a pro. It also works brilliantly well when you have a sudden pit-stop to make. Both deceleration and acceleration factors get assisted by the proper hold of rotor which the Advan Racing wheel milks superbly.

The Beauty and the Beast

The GT Premium version could get as aggressive as you want it to be. It is a rampaging beast that will let you cover that extra mile you expect from a wheel of such rigour. Apart from the phenomenal performance that it silently gives you, the place where it also scores high is its looks. It is a beauty wrapped up in exhilarating splendor. You cannot possibly help but marvel at the gleaming affair that goes on its frontal façade. Five sporty spokes embellish its face in a thrilling fashion. When they run wild they get veiled under a delightful depth that will let you stay distinguished from the mob.

You get 3-color settings available here. The colors that you could use have been mentioned below:

  1. Racing Titanium Blue
  2. Racing Gloss Black
  3. Racing Gold Metallic

Choose the one that intends to make your ride’s tinge a perfect match. Rims are knurled to avoid any kind of tire slippage. ADVAN Racing GT Premium Version achieves an impeccable traction and superlative friction when the wheels are chugging down arduous lanes. Also, the anti-slip paint that it splutters under is an exquisite find. It bides by the wheel even in punishing conditions. Show your colossal aggression on tricky roads by dabbing the throttle to the maximum. Let ADVAN Racing GT Premium version do the rest! It is your time!

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