ADVAN Racing – GT Premium Version

The ADVAN Racing GT – Premium Version started off with just the 20-inch type, but today, it can be purchased in various sizes and different colors as well.

ADVAN Racing - GT Premium Version for Sale


The ADVAN / YOKOHAMA wheel design is a special division of the Yokohama Rubber Co. The company is extremely successful in the automobile tire market, thus, the creation of the Yokohama Advan Wheel Design; they established this division to provide advanced and quality wheels to complement their tires. Since Yokohama Advan wheels make use of different types of processes such as spin forging, mold-form forging, and flow-form casting, their wheels have become some of the most reliable, efficient, and durable ones from Japan. The company also offers various designs to meet all the tastes and demands of the consumers.

Advan Racing Wheels – GT Premium Version

The wheels from Yokohama Advan Racing are extremely beautiful due to the simplicity of its appearance. The five-spoke design of the wheel is crafted from a single piece, form-forged A-6061-T6 aluminum to ensure the quality of the piece. The Advan Racing – GT Premium Version, which started as a twenty-inch wheel for the R-35-GTR, can now be purchased in different sizes for a wide array of cars. Additionally, the wheels also come in different colors that are all reserved for the wheel. These are also knurled to prevent any form of tire slippage when driving and it also offers lightweight characteristics and extreme strength that are vital for racing conditions.

3D Machined Logo

The letters of the ADVAN Racing GT logo are all three-dimensionally machined on the wheel’s spokes. The logos and the stickers are part of the wheel’s design which exudes a premium and high-class wheel right at the first glance; with its machined logo, it will be challenging to create a fake version of the wheel.

Capless Design

The ADVAN Racing – GT Premium exhibits a capless style but you can still choose to purchase their center racing cap and some other authentic ornament ring which can be purchased separately. With this, customers can further personalize their GT Premium wheels based on their tastes and preferences.

Made for High-Performance Vehicles

The ADVAN Racing – GT Premium is a special model from ADVAN / YOKOHAMA’s GT collection since it is primarily fashioned to match the BMW M4, AUDI R8, GTR, Ferrari 458, and other high-performance cars.

ADVAN Racing – GT Premium – Colors and Sizes

The ADVAN Racing – GT Premium Version is now has different sizes and these include 18 and 19-inch versions to fit more cars. There are also different colors available and these are specific per wheel size: Racing Gloss Black wheels only measure at 20 inches; the Racing Gold Metallic has the 18 and 20-inch wheels; and the Racing Titanium Blue features the 18, 19, and 20-inch wheels. The smaller wheel-sizes are now being offered to fit a larger array of vehicles; additionally, depending on the wheel’s size, each of these also features varying rim insets including the Medium Deep (50 millimeters), Standard Deep (37.5 millimeters), and Extra Deep (67 millimeters).


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