If you have been looking for a thrilling range of wheels to assist you in the quest to winning back to back competitions, you need to come under the aegis of ADVAN Racing GT. Advan Racing wheels are the best wheels you could lay your hands on to stay ahead of the curve, and stay awesome. These wheels will not only let your car look good but will also accentuate your personality. Roll in these beasts to create an impression that will earn you a million fans.

ADVAN Racing GT For Sale

The Yokohama story

More popularly known as Yokohama all across the globe, it saw the light for the first time in the year 1917. The company slowly spread its wings to the United States in the year 1969. It went global and people from all across the world started realizing its true prowess. As far as branding was concerned, Japan identified it as ADVAN instead of Yokohama and it goes still by that name.

ADVAN racing wheels are the most powerful wheels to be pigeonholed in sports category. It has successfully stood in the vanguard in thousands of events to prove its mettle. It doesn’t succumb to failure in the arduous of conditions and never lets you down.

ADVAN Racing GT advantages

ADVAN Racing GT packs up five types of concavity styles under its baggage. With plenty of space between its spoke GT easily facilitates bigger braking calipers. It has extra clearance for that purpose allowing huge or market-sized calipers to easily fit through. The space allows easy air flow thus reducing the constant heat-up that could be a result of incessant braking. It is something you immensely need in a nail-biting race event.

It has an astounding rim profile and a superb design to ease into big rotors. ADVAN Racing GT wheels have been carved to facilitate easy movement. With its lightweight feature it could make swift movements easily. High speed rotation is quickly achieved. When the ADVAN racing wheels are in full motion the look that emanates from a distant is simply heart-melting.

The front rim depth is mind-boggling as it imparts ADVAN Racing GT a majestic touch, whilst its width and inset vary in all the concave types. You can almost read the intensity by the way it shrinks into the darkness. It gives you a complete sporty demeanour if you are a fan of such style. Also, limited spokes on its face gives plenty of room for the brakes to ease in. Its mien is adventurous, quite smart that will let you get into the bandwagon of pizzazz.

ADVAN Racing GT is ideal for racing. The finishing on it has been knurled to adapt to all types of tires. It provides proper traction when the wheels are in full-blown movement. There is ample friction with anti-slip features that allow seamless running on relentless roads.

Colors options

The entire concave lineup is superbly made. There are enthralling color options that will make you want to have them all. Here are the options that you get:

  1. Racing White: Pretty cool if you are using a contrasting colored car. A white rim will take the world and racing rivals by surprise.
  2. Semi Gloss Black: It has the proper shine and gloss to stay prominent in the entire car structure. People are going to look at it before they even see what car you are driving.
  3. Machining and Racing Metal Black: A perfect blend of colors is apparent on its body. Its metallic texture is what will help you stay distinguished.
  4. Titanium Blue: This is unlike any wheel tinge you might have come across before. This titanium is sure to win you second glances.

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