Advan Racing RG-D2 – 18-inch

The Advan Racing RG-D2 – 18-inch is specially made for European cars and is available in four types of finishes.

Advan Racing RG-D2 - 18-inch for Sale

Yokohama Advan Wheel Design

Yokohama Advan Wheel Design was created to bring modern, high-quality wheels to perfectly match the tires of the Yokohama Rubber Co. Advan Racing wheels were made using modern technology such as the five-pitch-variation tread which helps in reducing the three kinds of noise made by tires. Advan racing rims also include a progressive matrix body form to lessen the deformation on the wheels’ sidewall, thus improving the wheels’ performance, as well as durability.

ADVAN Racing RG-D2 Wheels

The original RG-D model wheel, which was launched in 2010, was revamped by ADVAN / YOKOHAMA by following the design of the RS-D wheel and implementing the style of the Advan RG wheels, resulting to the RG-D2. During the making of the new RG-D wheel, this concept was thoroughly analyzed to bring out the best of these wheels which are exclusive for European vehicles. The six spokes clearly exceeded the strength standards of the previous model, giving the wheels a platform where the strong characteristics can be presented. The strong design of the latest RG-D spokes perfectly complements the deep rim for excellent balance that brings forth an amazingly attractive form. For the ADVAN Racing RG-D2 – 18-inch, there are three types of concave spokes which include the GTR, Standard, and Super GTR; these variations of concave spokes help maximize concavity per width and offset. Lastly, the shape of the RG-D2 wheels’ inner barrel is the same as the TCIII. In other words, these 18-inch wheels have the sufficient racing rim profile to accommodate brake kits that have rotor sizes measuring up to 400mm diameters.

Thermal Printing of Logos

Aside from the improved design of the ADVAN Racing RG-D2 – 18-inch, Yokohama Wheel wanted to increase their technological capabilities and with that, they implemented new design features to showcase the brand’s authenticity and exclusivity. Each ADVAN Racing RG-D2 – 18-inch wheel features a thermally-printed logo of Advan Racing printed on the of the rims’ step. This thermally-printed logo is also irreplaceable and extremely difficult to replicate.

6-Spoke Design

The six spoke design is a standard of the previous RG wheels; the ADVAN Racing RG-D2 – 18-inch have side-cut machining in correspondence to the latest ADVAN Racing technology trend. Additionally, there are also three different kinds of concave spokes.

Diamond Machining

To further increase the visual appeal of classic styles, Yokohama Wheel utilized the diamond machining method on the outer rim of the ADVAN Racing RG-D2 – 18-inch for a polished appearance while the step-rim design also gives the illusion of 2-piece wheels. Although the ADVAN Racing RG-D2 – 18-inch looks great, this wheel still has the strength, weight, and rigidity that is only made possible by a mono-block wheel.

ADVAN/YOKOHAMA ADVAN Racing RG-D2 – 18-inch Sizes and Colors

The ADVAN Racing RG-D2 – 18-inch is available only in 18 inches since it is made specifically for European vehicles. Its finishes include Machining & Racing Hyper Black, Machining & Black Gun Metallic, Machining & Champagne Gold, and Semi-Gloss Black.


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