ADVAN Racing RG-D2 for BMW

A few years back, ADVAN / YOKOHAMA introduced another version of the RG-D which is the Advan Racing RG-D2 for BMW.

ADVAN Racing RG-D2 for BMW for Sale

About the Company

Yokohama – Advan Wheel Design is one of the branches of the Yokohama Rubber Co. which is highly popular in the world of automotive tires. This is the reason why the Yokohama – Advan Wheel Design was started – to create and develop wheels that will perfectly match the needs of each of their customers. Wheel models that are made under the Advan Racing collection were created by taking advantage of some of the latest technologies including the 5-pitch-variation tread that helps reduce different types of noise from the car’s tires. Advan racing wheels also developed a form that lessens the sidewall’s deformation. This improves the performance, durability, and effectiveness of the wheels.

The Advan Racing RG-D2 for BMW

The classic RG-D model was further improved and enhanced by utilizing the design and framework of the RS-D wheel; the company also combined the design of the Advan RG model which resulted to one of the popular wheel models to date – the ADVAN Racing RG-D2 for BMW. This specific wheel was crafted to exhibit an aggressively stunning look that would complement the appearance of the BMW cars. The design of the wheels spoke also works perfectly for the deep rim that offers excellent balance, as well as an appealing design. The concave spokes of this RG-D2 for BWM also appears in three different types and these include the following: Super GTR, Standard, and GTR.

ADVAN / YOKOHAMA’s Thermally-Printed Logo

Aside from its stylishly attractive appearance, the company also aimed to better their capacity when it comes to offering wheels to represent their originality and quality. Each of these wheels has been printed thermally with the company’s logo and can be seen on the rim’s step. It is quite impossible to copy the wheels from ADVAN since the company made sure that replicating their products will be extremely challenging. The RG-D2 for the BMW’s six-spokes also feature a side-cut machining that utilizes the latest technological trend; also, it also features side-cut swoops right at the center of the two spokes.

RG-D2 for BMW’s Six Spoke Design

The 6-spoke design for this specific model is known as the standard style of the RG wheel models; this also goes for the revamped and upgraded models that now feature the side-cut machining. Additionally, the six-spoke model also features varying types of concave spokes which also displays a classic design.

Diamond-Machined Rims

To give more appeal to the classic style of the ADVAN Racing RG-D2 for BMW, the company made use of the diamond-machining process to work on the wheel’s outer rim. This specific method gives the wheels a nice and beautifully polished appearance, making it an even better wheel for the BMW cars.

ADVAN Racing RG-D2 for BWM Sizes & Colors

ADVAN Racing RG-D2 for BWM can be purchased in different sizes which include 15 to 17-inch wheels. When it comes to the wheel’s finish, these include Machining and Black Gun Metallic, Machining and Racing Hyper Black, Semi-Gloss Black, as well as Machining & Champagne Gold.


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