ADVAN Racing RS-D is a beast of pizzazz. It is going to amp your stylish quotient by taking it up another level. People are going to fall in love with your ride. All thanks to the glamorous ADVAN Racing RS-D that literally redefines the word cool.

ADVAN Racing RS-D For Sale

The Yokohama promise

ADVAN Company took its first baby steps in the year 1917. It was called as Yokohama and is widely popular by that very moniker. The Japanese multitude knows it by the name of ADVAN Company. For years ADVAN has been producing extraordinary automotive products that have helped it to earn unrivalled trust amongst the hearts of the people. It has been a constant sojourn of awesomeness for racing enthusiasts as they have always found themselves amidst only the best wheels available in the entire world.

ADVAN has always endeavoured to stay in touch with technological advancements. Change is apparent on its exhilarating product lineups that always reek of top class inclusions. One look and you will feel its contemporary whiff that is evident on all its products. Advan Racing RS-D product lineup is one such enchanting lineup that has sportiness written all over it.

ADVAN Racing RS-D pros

RS-D is a lightweight wheel that has ample muscle to give you a seamless driving experience. The ADVAN racing wheel has immense strength under its aegis that is suggestive of unparalleled Japanese panache. There is high quality casting method entailed in the manufacturing of the RS-D that banks on flow-forming techniques for superlative results.

When you look at the frontal façade of the ADVAN Racing RS-D you will find a 10 spoke wheel design that is outright ravishing by its looks. The brawn is evident on the ADVAN racing wheel spokes as well. You can feel the toughness the moment you touch them.

The lightweight feature of the ADVAN racing wheel allows it to stay support the nimbleness of the car. It is something that will let you win races after races. With a decreased weight of the wheel, the overall weight of the car can be made lesser.

The wheel fares magnificently when it comes to handling. It also supports cornering something that is really crucial on arduous taut roads. If you have a punishing track race on your bucket list, this is the wheel you should go for. It understands your requirements better and gels up with the rotors like a pro. Acceleration and deceleration quotients are well supplemented by the wheel.

Majestic appearance of ADVAN Racing RS-D

One look at the profound depth of the wheel and you realize how stellar the air around it is. It has a sporty look that will help you become an instant fan-favourite. The wheel has a unique profundity to it that it aces to perfection. You get a three dimensional feel whilst looking at it. When in motion, they look absolutely stunning.

The rim profiling is colossal. It facilitates easy grip on tires. The finishing on the wheel is enthralling. The anti-slip paint that the company makes use of is something that can fend off any kind of external intrusion.

There is plenty of gap between the flanges and the spokes that meet them. This eschews the wheels from coming in direct contact with external onslaught. Also, you get a trench like appearance that helps the wheel to look like an absolute eye-candy.

You also get a special ADVAN Racing RS-D Logo sticker along with the wheel that is simply illustrative of its cool sporty vibes. These are the color options that you can avail. All are extra deep:

  1. Machining and Silver
  2. Machining and Black
  3. Bright Chrome
  4. MAT Black

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