ADVAN Racing RS-DF Progressive

Just when you thought Advan Racing RS-DF lineup was great, in enters ADVAN Racing RS-DF Progressive, another great product lineup with its stellar wheels to help you stay the real star of the race. It comes in with a stunning style, improved performance and unrivalled strength. Aren’t these those enthralling qualities you are looking for whilst racing?

If buying a racing wheel is on the cards, it is highly recommended you buy an Advan Racing wheel like this one.

ADVAN Racing RS-DF Progressive For Sale

The Advan company promise

Advan racing was founded in the year 1917. The world knows it by the name of Yokohama Company. Their fine engineering finesse is still evident in their work even after a century. Japanese Engineering is still revered all across the globe, owing to the endearing features they come up with in their products. They make the strongest of products that always end up giving unrivalled results. Owing to the very fact that they are still producing extraordinary products even after so many years, Advan stays as one of the most distinguished and respected companies of all time. You have to hand it to them, they put their years of diligent experience into their work and always keep surprising multitude at every juncture. Advan Racing RS-DF Progressive is one such surprise package that the company bestowed upon the world of racing enthusiasts. It has all the qualities you want in a racing wheel.

High performance of ADVAN Racing RS-DF Progressive

RS-DF Progressive is a powerhouse of performance. It sizzles on taut roads with unmatched ease letting the driver truly enjoy his car. The handling you get is the most comfortable one. It makes even arduous of roads easy to traverse upon.

The grooves on the wheels easily fit into the rotors allowing a proper movement. You get a perfect gelling effect between the rotor and the wheel as they both comply to every engine call. The wheels allow large braking calipers to easily slide through. There is ample space in the ADVAN Racing RS-DF Progressive wheel to allow air to pass through thus minimizing the heating effect which could be a result of incessant braking. You often end up doing a lot of that during races. With space aplenty, you can ensure proper cooling down, heat dissipation and temperature control, something that makes your car run seamlessly without any hiccups.

Acceleration and deceleration are well assisted by the wheel. So, the moment you press the brakes or dab the throttle it acts accordingly. It is one of those crucial things that you expect in a race to work. Also, ADVAN Racing RS-DF progressive wheel makes cornering a hoot. Wheels are great with side movements, its true nature visible when you make a sharp turn on tracks.

ADVAN Racing RS-DF Progressive appearance

Another great reason to buy the RS-DF Progressive is its looks. It is downright alluring to look at. You cannot take your eyes off it! Sporting a 10 spoke design that is one of the most contemporary designs sizzling on the tracks today, ADVAN Racing RS-DF Progressive becomes an eye-candy owing to its enthralling look and feel. It packs in ample depth in its center to lure even the hardest of souls. With that you get a darker meaner look that only speaks of its astounding aggression. The center cap splutters in pizzazz complementing all the 10 spokes to perfection. Its flanges have been carved keeping in mind tire requirements. It imparts great grip to them, whilst maintaining traction at all times.

There are three color options you can choose your wheel from. They are:

  1. TBK: Racing Titanium Black
  2. MHB: Machining & Racing Hyper Black
  3. DBM: Racing Dark Bronze Metallic

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