Advan Racing RS-DF

Are you dying to make a statement? It is time you walk under the aegis of Advan Racing RS-DF. The thrilling wheel is what you need to make your driving experience top-notch.

Advan Racing RS-DF For Sale

Advan Engineering

You are already aware of the fact how brilliant Japanese Engineering is. Their products have immense strength. They imbibe a colossal degree of diligence that gets reflected in the work they do. Found in the year 1917 and popularly known as Yokohama across the globe, Advan is a silent beast of business. It has the strongest presence in the automotive industry. Every racing enthusiast is always on the prowl for Advan racing products owing to the rigour and gusto the engineers of Advan put in. Sizzling from the lavas of persistent assiduity, comes a wheel so brilliantly helmed that it would be hard for you to overlook. The all new Advan Racing RS-DF is the beauty you have been waiting for all your life.

Advan Racing RS-DF enthralling appearance

Advan Racing RS-DF takes a 10 spoke design in its vanguard to flaunt its stunning mien. It sizzles in its sporty vibes that is an instant favourite of the multitude. The stylish brand name splutters in an unmatched grandeur on one of its spokes. The dedicated spoke logo sticker takes the contemporary in the wheels to the next level. RS-DF is a blend of many outstanding conventional RS models, which is apparent through its side cuts, edges and flanges.

There is a gorgeous depth in its frontal façade that you cannot take your eyes away from. It tries to manifest a three dimensional outlook which is very pleasing to the eyes. You get three color options and all three of them are simply alluring to look. These color options have been mentioned below:

  1. Maching and Racing Hyper Silver
  2. Racing Hyper Bronze
  3. Racing Gloss Black

A starry appearance from a distance cannot be made prominent enough as you come up in your favourite ride to your flag position. Make the most of a stellar demeanour and make some instant fans.

Strength and Performance

DF is an acronym for Deep Forged. It gets justified by the exceptional resilience that the wheel imparts. The body of the wheel is brimming up with immense strength. You have to experience the ride in order to truly fathom it.

Advan Racing RS-DF is ideal for racing as its moniker might suggest. What makes it perfect for racing purposes is its powerful performance under intense pressure. It facilitates great handling something which is really crucial in a gut-wrenching race. Also, it makes acceleration and deceleration an easy task as it aids in bringing your car to an instant stop, or accelerating it the moment you dab that throttle. However, where it truly scores is in the braking area. With plenty of space around its spokes, large braking calipers can easily be squeezed in there. There is a lot of room for air to pass around freely. This helps in cooling down effect. If you are using the brakes too much, which is generally the case when you are in a race, it tends to heat up the system thereby affecting the performance meter. However, Advan Racing RS-DF provides easy heat dissipation and so you could rule out this issue.

Also, the caliper clearance is huge thus facilitating some comfy fitting around the rotor area. This Advan racing wheel is sure to make your riding experience enjoyable.

The finishing on the Advan racing wheel is something that will leave you awestruck. It facilitates an easy grip with the tires thus allowing you to race with the much needed friction.

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