Yokohama Wheel has disclosed information about the Advan Racing RZ-II at the Tokyo Auto Salon and it features the latest updated and improved design of the RZ model.

ADVAN Racing RZ-II for Sale


Yokohama-Advan Wheels is part of the branches of the Yokohama Rubber Co. which is a highly successful company in the automobile tire market. Utilizing a couple of procedures like mold-form forging, flow-form casting, and spin forging, Yokohama-Advan products are definitely considered among the toughest and most dependable wheel brand from Japan. Yokohama-Advan Wheels also provides a variety of designs and styles to meet each of their consumer’s demands and requirements. Each of their wheels is only made in Japan, so the quality and efficiency can be expected.

Yokohama-Advan Racing RZ-II Wheels

The RZ wheels from ADVAN / Yokohama has further improved and developed with their RZ-II. This great evolution combines all of the classic forged-wheel technologies with today’s excellent features on wheels. The Advan Racing RZ-II is based on the crossover design of the RZ where the double spokes are crafter thinner to produce a much sharper image. The Advan Racing RZ-II maintains the five two-spokes of the RZ. Additionally, the wheels are also flow-formed cast wheels that feature machined spokes to better lighten the wheels. To ensure that there is adequate strength despite having thin spokes, the sides of the spokes are stepped for support.

Micro-Machined to the Best Shape

The ADVAN Racing RZ-II’s shape isn’t the result of the post-forging machining process and instead, the lower and upper sides of these forms are perfectly shaped and fit via micro-machining to achieve the wheel’s required shape. With that, it is claimed that the wheel is truly the product of today’s highly sophisticated and effective forging technology.

Side-cut Machining

Also, milling the wider portion of the RZ-II’s spokes provides a unique sidecut. The side-cut machining first appeared on the company’s RS-II wheels two years ago. Today, it is becoming a popular trademark of the ADVAN Racing Wheels and the Racing RZ-II is definitely symbolizes the ongoing evolution of this specific trademark. The latest technique is the advanced side-cut on the wheel’s spoke without traces of the joint line. Originally, the designs of the RZ wheels feature nut holes where the double spokes are set together using a web-like support for that spot. On these wheels, the side-cut goes through the right, across and around the webbed area to decrease the weight without compromising the strength of the wheel. Moreover, the ADVAN Racing RZ-II provides a great cross-over design that features the double spokes with the advanced side-cut; the form of the RZ-II represents the newest forged-wheel technology.

Made for the ND 2016 + Matia

The Advan RZ-II 17 x 7.5 + 38 wheels are made specifically for the 2016 ND Miata in a stylishly bolt pattern. It is considered to have the perfectly adequate balance between being strong and wide yet lightweight. These wheels also feature a deeper lip compared to the regular RZ model while featuring a stunning dual five-spoke design.

Advan Racing RZII Sizes and Colors

The Advan Racing RZ-II has sizes that range from 17, 18, and 19 inches; plus its available colors include Gloss Black, Indigo Blue, and Hyper Black.


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