One look at the ADVAN Racing TCIII and jaws will stay wide open. The Advan Racing wheel is a complete badass when it comes to looks. It sports a rad finish that is hard not to gawk at. It has adventure written all over it. A perfect mingle of high performance and splendor this is the wheel you need for a high grade racing experience. Let the world know you are for real, and that you are here to win fans!

ADVAN Racing TCIII For Sale

The word of ADVAN Company

Yokohama, as it is more popularly known as all across the globe, is the company that makes enchanting wheels. It comes straight from the pits of awesomeness where Japanese engineering goes full-blown with their unrivalled flair. Their knack for making wheels is still admired all across the world. Taking that panache in the front seat they drive their diligence to come up with winsome products. One such skilful product lineup is the brilliant ADVAN Racing TCIII. It is an eye-candy wheel that scores extremely high on the performance meter as well.

ADVAN Racing TCIII mindboggling looks

It is hard to fathom how magnificently the wheel has been produced as a whole. The consummate ADVAN Racing wheel is stunningly built, without any blemishes or faults appearing on its surface. When you perceive it carefully, you realize that there is nothing that binds together the spokes with the flange, or the center cap with the spokes or the rim profiling with the edges or any such part. Yet it stays intact as if ADVAN Racing TCIII has emerged out of the blue in this world as a single entity.

There are five big spokes to cater eye feasting appetite which is reminiscent of the traditional TC design on which the advan Racing wheel has been based upon. With a center that sizzles in stark depth. You get a three dimensional feel when the engine roars and the wheels start rolling in motion. It splutters in a unique trendy style that is heaven to the eyes of the onlookers. One of the spokes bears the brand name written in a classy mien that helps to further accentuate the sporty air of the ADVAN Racing TCIII. A 3D processing machine carves it on the face of the wheel making it impossible for external agents to decimate the letters.

This ADVAN Racing wheel retains mind-numbing finishing. You will realize it when you touch it how brilliant it feels on hands. TCIII has a whiff of gravity to it when you stare at it, which gives a darker demenaour to your ride as well. You can flaunt all the aggression you want by investing in this bewitching product.

Performance-wise analysis of TCIII

ADVAN Racing TCIII is nothing but muscle. There is ample brawn in it that ensures it stays very durable in the long run. It is light-weight in nature meaning that will help to lessen the weight of the vehicle you are riding in. You will go faster thereby putting you under the radar of fat chances to win races you compete in.

The strength of the wheel is spellbinding. It has been lab tested to meet all standards that make it perfect for professional racing.

You get two color options for your ride. Based upon what color your ride is and the fact that it will complement the color of the tires, choose the one that suits your personality the best. These colors have been given below:

  1. Racing Hyper Silver
  2. Dark Gun Metallic

Amongst other variants you get standard versions of the above two which are low in the concavity department but are still quite swell.

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