Looking for an enthralling wheel to help you in your violent runs? AVS MODEL F15 would be a perfect match for your racing knack. It will give you a mind-boggling performance as you will race down every waving flag to come out as a true champion you are.

AVS MODEL F15 For Sale


As a racing enthusiast you might have come across or heard the name of Yokohama Company before. The brand is famous all across the world owing to its extraordinary range of products that are written in world class finesse.

Yokohama finds its roots drenched deep in the automotive industry. Founded in the year 1917, it has been a constant progressive movement for Yokohama as it came up with fascinating range of products in both tires and wheels every year. A century after its inception, Yokohama still doesn’t fail to amaze us. Taking its progressive nature on the front seat working wonders for the public, helming only magnificence, Yokohama has been speaking the language of advancement.

The flair of Japanese Engineering is evident on its exhilarating lineup and you can’t help but gawk at its beauty. AVS happens to be one such product lineup that is written in unrivalled flair and enchanting grandeur. Headlining its winsome style is the all new version AVS MODEL F15 that is as mesmerizing as a wheel could get.

Features Yokohama AVS F15 provide

Yokohama AVS packs in strength galore. It is a lightweight variant to the popular product lineups of Yokohama. Being lighter in weight it assists in bringing down the overall vehicular weight, something you badly need in a racing event. A lighter ride will ensure you a speedier movement helping you to come out victorious every time you enter a race.

When you look at the AVS Model F15 the first thing you notice is its subtle elegance. A star like vista accentuates its overall look. A 15 spoke stunning design embellishes the face of the wheel in a unique fashion. It goes on to meet the center of the wheel where the center cap sits in a rare magnificence. When you look at the Yokohama AVS wheel body around the flange area, you realize how spectacularly the spokes meet the rim. It makes the overall wheel appearance even better. Spokes are made prominent with such a look and the concavity of AVS Model F15 becomes stark eminent.

F15 makes use of a four forging form to create a single piece wheel of elegance. The surface detailing on it is reflective of the high quality painstaking work done by Japanese engineers. The bolt holes are encircled by the brand name as AVS MODEL F15 as it silently tells the world the thrilling weight of its moniker.

Yokohama AVS F15

AVS MODEL F15 has a bright finish coating that is sold out in three different color variations. Each one of these brilliant colors have been thoughtfully prepared to meet specific wants of the racing fans.

The center ornament of the AVS MODEL F15 is all aluminum. The rings sizzle in chrome plating and help in giving the wheel a superb feel. When the wheels are in motion you get a star studded appearance from a distance, and it fills you up with pleasing warmth.

The wheel gives you extraordinary performance on all kinds of tracks. It facilitates even biggest of braking calipers allowing plenty of space for heat dissipation. The internals stay cool owing to that facilitating seamless motion of the wheel. Braking is assisted profusely owing to that. Rotors fit perfectly in the grooves of the wheel. Tires ease into the wheel without any hiccups and create optimal traction.

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