Enkei 92

Go beast mode ON by allowing your car to sizzle in mindboggling style that Enkei92 offers. Stay the talk of the race you are in, or that of the town you take your ride to. No matter where you go, its majestic demeanour will let your style stay in every head.

Enkei 92 For Sale

The Enkei 92 credence

Enkei has been around for so many decades now. It goes on to tell how magnificent the company really is with its enthralling range of products. Quality work is one of their USPs and they ace it to perfection.One look at the racing track and you will realize Enkei is omnipresent. It is extremely high on the popularity meter and intends to stay at the top.Their range of products comes straight from the anvils of diligence and perfection, which always speakof top grade quality work.Enkei92 is one such beautiful product that scores high on performance and hits the jackpot with its looks.

The Look Enclave of Enkei 92 Wheels

Enkei92is bewitching to look at. Standing proudly in the vanguard of the NeoClassic series it is a wheel that will help you earn numerous fans.It takes a patterned approach to ace its spectacular funky appearance. Placed rightly under the classic category it only speaks of a vintage feel. It endeavours boldly to go old school as it tries to master the machined lip design. Mesh style will never go out of vogue. It is sought after by car enthusiasts all across the globe owing to its tightly packed design that is outright soothing to the eyes. You are going to end up riveting people to your ride querying about your wheels. Enkei92 is an instant crowd attractor. A tight mesh also ensures that there is no gravel wreckage that might hit the braking disc or calipers. The look of Enkei 92 beats time. So no matter what ride you have with you to unspool in an adventure, be it be a vintage classic or a modish vehicle, Enkei92 will let you shine out and rise up against every competition in the market. Enkei 92 also flaunts its roulette pattern on the rim profile that helps it to adjust with all kinds of tires. The grip is tremendous which will assist you with your badass riding style. The great rim design facilitates the tire in every way possible for a seamless rolling. Wait till you see how rad your car looks from a distance with the mesh weaving you eye-candy.

MAT process

Manufacturing Enkei Wheels 92 takes into account cutting edge MAT technology to deliver high quality aluminum work. It delivers high strength wheels that are downright rigid to face any kind of pounding tarmac and gravel intrusion. The stiffness quotient is unlike any other as it fares superbly under adverse conditions. It takes cornering, braking and throttling to a whole new level as it supports all these mechanisms profusely.

Color options in Enkei Wheels 92

These color options have been mentioned below based upon their sizes: 1. 20 inch: a. Black with Bronze lip b. Gold with Machined lip c. Silver with Machined lip d. Black with Machined lip 2. K-car: a. Gold with Machined lip b. Silver with Machined lip c. Black with Machined lip 3. 15 inch: a. Gold with Machined lip b. Silver with Machined lip c. Black with Machined lip