Enkei GTC01

Behold the finest quality wheels ever made! Enkei GTC01 was made to satiate your sporty desires. If you are a racing buff, GTC01 will help you shine out in your competitive endeavour.

Enkei GTC01 For Sale

About the Enkei brand

With years of experience under their belt, Enkei is an unstoppable beast. They have extraordinary engineers who toil hard to make sporting a remarkable affair for every enthusiasts. Helming astounding products they have earned a name that is simply unrivalled in the automobile industry. One such rad product of their painstaking work is the Enkei GTC01. Placed under the racing category to ace a jaunty feel these wheels literally sputter in mindboggling pizzazz. They tend to impart a sensational look when combined with the right car. Dig in to find about its enthralling variants and see for yourself.

Enkei wheels GTC01 looks

To say Enkei wheels GTC01 appear good would be an understatement. GTC01 is a prepossessing deal for a car aficionado. It packs in a rare depth in its astonishing looks. The anti-slip paint on the wheel makes it even more arresting in the appearance department. You get a single color option here. The Hyper silver color tinge has the right amount of silver in it that helps it to embellish the overall mien by enhancing its stunning looks. The twin spoke design of the GTC01 has just the right amount of gap between its spokes to impart it a dapper cast. It makes the most of its concave design to make these spokes prominent. So, no matter what angle are you looking from it seems striking nevertheless. Some diligent work is quite evident towards the junctures where spokes meet the rims. It is hard to make out if there is a conjoined effort to put things together. The finishing gives an impression as if the wheel was created as a whole. A seamless varnish ensures that all such joints and grooves exhume a superlative worksmanship.

Twin valve system in Enkei GTC01

It features a twin valve system that ensures that you could monitor the tire pressure with utmost accuracy. Using the GTC01 you could also ensure a better tire life. This will help you to increase the overall vehicular performance.

Enkei GTC01 Impactful design

The thing that GTC01 scores on is its impact ratio. No matter how mettlesome your driving or how competitive your races are these wheels stay with you forever. Even in punishing circuits it talks only of resilience and will take every command you silently throttle to it.

Superior quality wheels

These are no doubt the best wheels you will find in terms of performance be it be cornering or braking. It takes brilliantly to the impact as it meets standards of Spec-E. It undergoes its processing via MAT that further improves the aluminum’s molecular structure in the wheel thereby making it more rigid. Also, the weight of the wheel is brought down to a considerable amount. The strength however does not get compromised. The rim shape is developed into a stronger and brawnier affair with the evolution of MAT into DURA-FLOW MAT whose usage is outright apparent in the overall structure of rims. You get a whole new rim shape that is able to accommodate high performance brakes with maximum ease. Enkei Wheels GTC01 makes for an impeccable grip too with the tire. It fits it just right to enable your car to scale vicious track roads. There are no hindrances whatsoever even when you amble down dangerous turns. You can find it in four sizes that are 17, 18, 19 and 20 inches. You can use the one that fits your car perfectly.