Enkei GTC01RR

Wish to stay upbeat? GTC01RR wheels come straight from the contemporary house. Get the wheels and we promise you these Enkei monsters will be the coolest ones on the tracks.

Enkei GTC01RR For Sale

The Enkei trust

Enkei is one of the most admired and revered companies of all times. With the amount of experience Enkei has, anything they touch nowadays turns to gold. Its enthralling range of wheels is still one of the most sought after deals for the popular brand. With the types of wheels they have been manufacturing, it wouldn’t be wrong to call them a phenomenal automobile beast of all times. Comes packing in the remarkable strength from its predecessor GTC01, the all new GTC01RR is a revolution in the racing enclave. It has been pigeonholed in the Racing Revolution classification owing to its extraordinary features.

Features of Enkei GTC01RR

Enkei GTC01RR is a big improvement over the GTC01 since all the good qualities of the latter have been preserved whilst helming this beauty. The wheel was made lighter without compromising its rigidity quotient. The light weight nature reduces the vehicular mass to a great extent letting your ride go faster. This is something every racing enthusiast is rooting for. The center dons a darker depth which carries five grooves that work in conjunction with the braking calipers inside. It walks on DURA-FLOW MAT technology which works it magic over the aluminum’s molecular structure to increase the material strength to a great extent. It also imparts the wheel a ravishing wheel finish that works in all sorts of daunting conditions. This ensures the overall strength goes up another notch. It features a twin valve that helps in accentuating the performance of your tires in turn your car. Rim-rolled technology helps in shaping the rim with material elongation without affecting its material hardness. The concavity quotient is eminent in all Enkei ranges. GTC01RR is no stranger to it as well.

Enkei GTC01RR Performance meter

When you take a look at the performance meter for these Enkei GTC01RR scores some of the highest points in braking and impact department. They fare extremely well in cornering as well, since it is averse to any stress issues even during direst of conditions. They are made of extremely durable material, so long ruthless sessions on the tricky entwined tracks aren’t going to take a toll on your wheels. High performance standards for Spec-E has been met by the Enkei GTC01RR wherein every aspect of cornering, acceleration, deceleration, braking and steering response is covered. Spec-E standards are even more rigorous than the JWL standards. All sorts of fatigue tests are undertaken as well to establish how the wheel is set to perform in adverse conditions.

GTC01RR Looks

GTC01RR scores high on looks. Its spokes are strewn just in the right amount to help its grandeur shine out. All the spokes sit out on their edges perfectly meeting the rim at just the right spots. With the type of finishing the Enkei engineers impart it, it is really hard to tell if all wheel elements have been put together or they come lodged in right from the beginning. Enkei GTC01RR comes in two color variants namely Titanium Gold and Matte Dark Gunmetallic. Both are spectacular to look at. They are really mesmerizing if you find a right colored car to complement them. You get a center cap included with the Enkei GTC01RR. It is available in both the models. There is ample space on the wheels to accommodate a tire and provide it a proper grip. When the whole setup is ready you will see how badass it ultimately looks.