Enkei NT03RR

The ENKEI NT033RR is the upgrade wheel to the NT03 and it is definitely a beast on the tracks; and with the notable upgrades of the NT033RR, ENKEI’s RR series has definitely taken things to the next level with their racing evolution series. The company has utilized their MAT DURA II flow-forming rim method to ensure that everyone is getting the finest in wheel engineering models. This process greatly improves the rigidity and strength of the wheels, plus it also improves further to the race series levels. ENKEI’s legendary brace ring that is placed around the rim adequately helps in distributing load while it simultaneously helps keep the NT03RR keep its form and shape despite being under heavy load – this gives you quick response from your setup. Because of this, the increase in response can easily be felt and experienced – the faster its response, the better your car can respond to the inputs.

Enkei NT03RR for Sale


Custom wheels are similar to everyone’s clothes and accessories since these have also become a part of our daily lives; and with each individual’s high and great expectation when it comes to excellence and performance, ENKEI is sure to deliver. ENKEI custom wheels offer the best and latest designs in wheels, as well as composite alloy technology just like their forged and casting methods; they also include a rigid testing that should pass the strict JGTC Standards to ensure that all the wheels that they produce are of high standards and outstanding performance.

ENKEI is a company that is dedicated to perfection, delivering the best and the most durable aftermarket wheels; and because of this, ENKEI has been involved not only in the world of motorsports but also in the world of street cars.

ENKEI NT033RR’s Design

The design of the ENKEI NT033RR features a sharp and concave appearance, with sizes that range from seventeen to eighteen inches. It also features a matte gunmetal finish to give a sleek and elegant appearance yet with highly notable power, durability, and excellence on the tracks.

The M.A.T.

Enkei has developed a brand new manufacturing method that is used to successfully produce the next best generation of aluminum wheels; The MAT or the Most Advanced Technology, which has been utilized for the NT03RR, combines a single piece of cast wheel technology together with Enkei’s Spinning Process – known as a wheel forming science. Making use of this brand new technology of rim forming and casting via the MAT process is vital for drastically improving the wheel’s strength and its material property. Also, the Rim Rolled Technology of Enkei forms the rim to improve and better material elongation without having to sacrifice the hardness and durability of the wheels.


All the wheels that ENKEI has developed are engineered accurately to pass all the rigorous testing required; and in fact, the company has even established its own testing standard which is called the SPEC-E – a rough and resilient standard which is tougher compared to the requirements of the JWL. The SPEC-E test from ENKEI requires a higher and greater drop point during the impact test, and about twenty percent more cycles for their dynamic radial and rotary bending fatigue tests compared to the JWL’s standards. Also, the SPEC-E represents the company’s confidence when it comes to the quality and the technology of their wheels.


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