Enkei PF01

The ENKEI PF01 is the latest addition to the company’s Racing Series line. These are lightweight yet durable which make it one of the preferred wheels today.

Enkei PF01 for Sale


ENKEI is one of the custom-wheels companies that distribute some of the best wheel designs like the ENKEI PF01; they also deliver the latest in composite alloy technologies like forged / casting processes, as well as strict testing that should pass the tough JGCT Standards and unparalleled manufacturing facilities. The company has also dedicated themselves to provide perfection and excellence, offering customers with the leading aftermarket wheels. Today, the group is active commercially throughout Europe, North America, Latin America, and in Asia, contributing all the biggest General Motors and Japanese car manufacturers in the OEM market; they also supply outstanding products to the endless consumers in the automotive market. The company has also been racing in countless top worldwide competitions for thirty years; and as a result of their unending development and technological progress, ENKEI continues with its tradition of excellence while constantly challenging new horizons in the technology of wheels.

Enkei PF01 Wheels

The ENKEI PF01 are lightweight wheels which make it one of the best and favored wheels among consumers. It is made with the company’s MAT technology with a lot of clearance for huge brake calipers. Their ENKEI PF01 is a very lightweight and high-quality wheel that is offered at a very competitive price.

Designed for Tough Racing Conditions

The ENKEI PF01 wheels are extremely light and for an 18 X 9 wheel and weighs less than twenty pounds. It is also made using the company’s flow-form technology which is the MAT or Most Advanced Technology. The wheels are rather affordable and the spoke patterns feature a lot of room for a BBK or Big Break Kit. ENKEI creates these PF01 wheels to meet the SPEC-E protocol that is more rigid than the JWL standards; this is to create wheels that are tougher and less likely to crack or even bend even during challenging racing environments. These features make the ENKEI PF01 great wheels for the track, as well as efficiency-oriented street setups.

Enkei’s PF01’s Roulette Pattern

The one-of-a-kind roulette pattern from ENKEI is grooved on the rim to decrease the ratio of slipping between the rim and the tire. Its roulette pattern also preserves the wheel’s best condition and tire assembly, allowing it to achieve the highest and best performance during extreme deceleration and acceleration. Additionally, the roulette pattern is also utilized for the racing wheels of McLaren Mercedes Formula One.


All wheels from ENKEI are created to pass rigorous tests and in fact, the company organized their own testing standard called the SPEC-E which is more demanding and arduous compared to the JWL requirements. The company’s SPEC-E test settings need increased drop points for the impact test, as well as twenty percent more cycles for the dynamic radial and rotary bending fatigue tests than the standards of the JWL; also, the SPEC-E displays ENKEI’s confidence in its quality and technology of wheels. ENKEI also developed their own manufacturing process for creating the next generation of aluminum wheels and this is the MAT or Most Advanced Technology. The MAT combines the single-piece cast wheel technology together with the spinning process (rim-forming technology) to improve the strength and material properties of the ENKEI PF01.

ENKEI PF01 Sizes and Colors

The ENKEI PF01 comes in varying sizes and these include 15, 16, 17, and 18 inches; as for the colors, the available shades include matte black or silver.


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