Enkei PF01

Put the Enkei PF01 on the tires of your sporty beast and see how badass it looks. The world wouldn’t stop staring at your ride, as you conquer every race track with the brand new PF01 to assist you on every road and every juncture.

Enkei PF01 For Sale

Enkei PF01 performance meter

Enkei PF01 has been built keeping in mind the performance quotient on punishing roads. PF01 literally thrives on performance. These wheels will see to it that your riding experience stays seamless without causing you any impediments. It has been pigeonholed in the top-notch performance category and it sizzles on the frontline in PerformancLine owing to its exceptional results on road. It supplements braking to an extent that the vehicle decelerates quickly coming to a stop. Acceleration gets aided as well when you throttle it up to gain maximum speed. It literally understands your requirements adjusting accordingly to help you make the most of your driving. Enkei PF01 provides ample clearance to large brake calipers thereby accentuating the braking process further. High speeds don’t bother it. It is tested at high speeds to deliver fascinating results. The Spec-E rigorous testing ensures that there are no loose ends, and that the wheel performs splendidly even in dire conditions. It works great in even cornering without causing any wear as sometimes happens with other cheap materials. Handling is well supported by the PF01. The wheels make sure you enjoy some high-grade handling. Also, rough cornering doesn’t have any bad effect on it, and you can have a great time cornering any no. of times you want. Enkei PF01 will go a long way delivering impeccable results.

Enkei PF01 Wheels

Enkei PF01 has the right amount of stiffness to rule every daunting road. It flaunts its perfect resilience which it has derived owing to the magnificent MAT technology. PF01 is ultra-light when it comes to the weight section. The racer-friendly wheel owes its impeccable strength to the way it has been manufactured. It features a five spoke design that helps it to master the sporty look. There are grooves atop the rim that ensures that there is a proper grip maintained between the tire and the rim at all times. This curtails the slippage ration to a great extent. The result is a mind-boggling performance.

Enkei PF01 Looks

PF01 is remarkable when you focus on the look and feel of it. There are large gaps amidst dual spokes that enhance the ravishing appearance of the wheels. Its flange is like a trench that takes all the spokes in a clever fashion. The concave nature of the twin spokes impart it a picturesque vogue that is hard not to marvel. The finishing on it is mind numbing. You can almost read the proficiency of Enkei engineers through the work performed on every edge. You cannot overlook the subtle edges on the rim side of the wheels. They accentuate its phenomenal looks further. When you will touch you will feel how seamlessly it has been prepared. The high quality work is evident on its outer face. With 5 exquisitely cut grooves in the center the whole tire, rim and brake setup can be made taut and intact.

Enkei PF01 Colors

You get two eye-catching variants that you could choose as per your glamorous ride. These are namely: 1. Sparkle Silver: This speaks of a silver glint that shines when it hits any light. 2. Matte Black: Another popular variant that helps you bring a rare glamour to your ride. You can avail of 4 different sizes depending upon your requirement. What are you waiting for? Go get it now!