Enkei PF01EVO

If you are aiming for high wheel performance at the same time not compromising with the looks of the wheel, Enkei PF01EVO is what you need to make your racing experience unrivalled. It has the right amount of beauty and aggression in its looks that will make you the king of the roads.

Enkei PF01EVO For Sale

PerformanceLine Series of Enkei Wheels

There is no doubt you might have come across Enkei brand before. Enkei is very popular all across the globe owing to its superb range of products that are all helmed with sheer diligence. The Japanese Engineering finesse is written all over their work. Even after so many decades in the automotive industry the brand doesn’t fail to deliver. It has a name to sustain and so the company keeps on including progressive technology in their work, by rebuffing their style. Enkei Wheels PerformanceLine series is one such lineup that breathes on its stunning range of products to stay distinguished and revered in the automotive industry.

The racing world recognizes Enkei’s mettle. The flair of their workers to forge out a beauty is simply unparalleled. PF01EVO is one such exciting wheel that promises to pack in the promise of Enkei.

Features of Enkei PF01EVO

By the sheer looks of it, you can establish that Enkei PF01EVO is written in artful splendor. This aluminum beauty has a 5 twin spoke design that is beautifully carved to exhume a rare majestic appearance. Towards the point where it meets the rim the concavity of the wheel is truly visible. It obtrudes towards the edges in a spectacular fashion. Towards the center as the spokes get swallowed, you can perceive a trench like appearance. The center cap retains the name of the company with Enkei credence in its baggage.

It has a deep rim design. The spokes aren’t protruding out in the open, something that allows the wheels to stay unaffected by external agents like rocks and stones. It carries an anti-slip paint throughout its surface that protects it from retaining marks in cases of collision. You get a smear-free surface at all times which helps you to flaunt the beauty of the wheel every time you take your ride out for a spin.

Performance you garner out of Enkei PF01EVO

The wheel promises to give you high performance. The highest of points it is able to score is through braking. It complements braking to a great extent. The fact that there is plenty of clearance for the braking calipers to ease through helps it to function without any problem. These Enkei wheels accommodate all sizes of braking calipers so that wouldn’t cause any troubles for the larger ones.

PF01EVO is a lightweight variant that takes down the overall weight of the vehicle to a great extent. Owing to this very fact your car will be able to move faster. If the wheel has more weight it tends to drag the overall weight of the vehicle causing your car to perform bad during high speed racing. But this isn’t a problem with the Enkei PF01EVO.

It makes use of MAT process to forge its wheels which ensures that the strength you get is unmatched. It is considered to be the best, performance wise in the stellar series of Enkei wheels.

The distinguished roulette pattern on the wheel captures a rare panache that helps it stand out from the rest of the collection. The grip it facilitates the tire with is simply outstanding. You get a great traction and friction on road that allows your ride to scale seamlessly on tricky roads as well.

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