Enkei PF01SS

Behold! A work of badass engineering gawks back at you. Enkei PF01SS is a sheer charmer that intends to keep the onlookers interested. It is also great with the extraordinary performance that it offers which makes it one of the most revered wheels of the PerformanceLine category of Enkei.

Enkei PF01SS For Sale

The Enkei Trust

You can come blindfolded under the Enkei aegis, take a pick and you wouldn’t be disappointed with the product you have selected, since the company is an absolute best when it comes to making enthralling wheels. It is a huge name in automobile enclave and it has been cashing in on sheer quality for many decades. PF01SS is one such frontrunner that literally thrives on the diligence of Enkei builders.

What does Enkei PF01SS offers?

Enkei PF01SS is a beauty that will embellish your beast. Your ride will be a phenomenal crowd captivator as you sizzle down the tracks. It features a twin spoke design with spacious gaps that will let you easily squeeze a large braking disc or caliper without much hassle. The split five spoke design imparts it some cool sporty vibes that are simply hard to resist. The design is further enhanced in the sides of the spokes where it meets the rim in a gorgeous fashion. The concavity of the spokes accentuates the look of the wheel and makes it visually orgasmic to watch.

MAT free flowing tech

One cannot overlook the high quality work evident on the surface. A seamless finish is what you get when you go for an Enkei product. MAT flow forming technology helps it pack towering strength. It also lets it scale impactful heights of rigidity as well. MAT is a bold venture into aluminum carving which is believed to be the future of the wheels. Designed to stay ultra light, Enkei PF01SS helps you gain points on speeding, something which is really crucial for a diehard racer. The overall weight of the vehicle is brought down owing to its lightweight nature. The famous roulette pattern that is apparent on each Enkei wheel can be seen here too. It helps in minimizing the slippage ration between the rim and the tire. Compactness and taut behaviour of tires can be expected owing to its roulette design that works its magic when you are hitting the throttle too quickly to accelerate abruptly or bringing the vehicle to a sudden death stop.

Performance of Enkei PF01SS

Carved to deliver high performance, PF01SS fares brilliantly on the charts. When you pay heed to the performance section, it does really good in the brakes department. Your ride will come to an immediate halt the moment you go for the brakes. It also silent dissipates heat around the braking calipers allowing it to cool, thus assisting it with smooth functioning. Cornering doesn’t impact Enkei PF01SS much either. The wheel is too stiff to have adverse affects of cornering. It scores pretty magnificent points in handling too. Your ride listens to your movements, which is basically what you desire from your car. PF01SS facilitates and aids smooth handling. Center cap can be used to advertise your ride. People are going to end up staring at your wheels for sure. It is after all something that makes your car look cooler.

Enkei PF01SS Colors

There are three swell colors you can opt for: 1. Platinum Machined Silver 2. Pearl Machined White 3. Matte Black All of them are eye-candy colors. Wait till you put them on your ride. You will see the difference it makes with their unique tinges. They play extremely well with the dark that the tires pack in. Complements it stunningly!