Enkei PF03

There is nothing better than an Enkei wheel that only speaks of high performance and pizzazz. Enkei PF03 is a wonderful product that comes straight from the top list of the PerformanceLine series by Enkei.

Enkei PF03 For Sale

The Enkei brands

Enkei flaunts a series of its products that are downright fascinating. Each product is mesmerizing when it comes to delivering high quality results on daunting roads. Based upon their unique capabilities, each one of its enthralling outcomes has been pigeonholed at different positions. All of them as a whole represent Enkei truly and depict how strength and high quality finesse end up making a brand so trusted worldwide. Enkei is one of the most admired and respected companies in the whole world.

The performance meter of Enkei PF03

When we pay heed to the performance meter of the Enkei PF03, we come to realize that it does really well. PF03 has been engineered to meet high performance requirements. It scores high points for cornering and braking. Meaning the wheels facilitate cornering and braking to be carried out without much hassle. Even when the wheels are subjected to punishing cornering conditions, it promises to stay put when the going gets tough. PF03 is tougher. It favours sudden acceleration and deceleration profusely. This insinuates how perfect it is for professional racers where the need of the hour is always throttle inconsistencies. Handling is well supported by Enkei PF03. You get a great riding experience, when you have PF03 supporting you throughout. The car swiftly moves as per your command without any hindrance of any kind from the wheels juncture. The impact strength is really high and it has been well tested to meet all standards. PF03 passes Spec-E standards with flying colors which is one of the most rigorous standards ever made. The aluminum with which the wheel has been carved is of top-notch quality. Enkei PF03 packs in its outstanding strength owing to its brilliant MAT technology which makes sure the wheels are tough enough. Also, a proper stiffness and rigidity is maintained once the wheels are manufactured. It facilitates a better stress management with the aid of evenly spread 12-spoke design that it masterfully aces. So, if you are racing down gruesome tracks be assured that these wheels are going to see you through to the end.

Enkei wheels PF03 endearing looks

To say PF03 is only good with the performance would be half true. It fares extremely well in the appearance department too. You find a roulette pattern helping out the tires secretly with the friction and assisting the looks of the overall vehicle as well. Spokes of the wheel meet its rim in a gorgeous fashion. There is plenty of room for huge brake calipers to fit in. The space between the spokes is profound which allows for easy cooling down and heat dissipation. Spokes converge in the center in a concave fashion making every angle a cooler one. Wheels are stark photogenic that will help you to embellish your ride. You can observe some fine worksmanship and impactful engineering when you take a closer look at the wheel. It is downright enthralling to watch up close. A seamless finish that runs throughout every junctures of the wheel!

Enkei PF03 Colors

You get two color options that are both great to look at. They are namely: 1. Sparkle Silver 2. Matte Dark Gunmetallic Blend it well with a color you think is right and that will go perfectly with the color of your car. Both complement the tire’s darkness spectacularly which are visually appealing. There are four sizes that the wheels are available in. Choose the one that you need for your racing beast.