Enkei PF07

Time to embrace the change! Invest in the all new powerful PF07 wheels to see your ride in a whole new avatar. Enkei Wheels PF07 is gorgeous, lightweight and impactful, all the qualities you need in your wheel while you go down your favorite tracks.

Enkei PF07 For Sale

Enkei PF07 brand

If you have been following the sports industry up close you already know how big the name Enkei is. They make downright extraordinary products. The whole racing globe goes gaga over their skills. It is hard to not notice them if you go to an F1 race. There is always something or someone advertising the beast. They have earned that name by imparting years of quality service and products that are stark badass. Helmed under the anvils of Enkei comes a product that will help it to carry on its legacy further. PF07 stands as a frontrunner to the line of some exquisite wheels developed by the company.

Enkei PF07 – Looks to Die For

Enkei PF07 wheels packs in a look that will blow your minds away. There are seven dynamic spokes that give it a modish look and feel that keep the whole structure in place imparting it all the strength it needs to carry on a seamless motion. You put on a tire there and see how it splutters complementing the darkness. It draws on its concavity to exhume a fresh mien that is worth every camera shot. You take the photo from any angle, and it will definitely come up photogenic. Owing to its superb design it appears as if the wheels are larger, thus making it prominent on your car. After all aren’t wheels responsible for the ultimate icing when it comes to the looks? Enkei PF07 emphasizes its aggression by the help of its double-lipped flange. It is a bold and powerful way of styling which Enkei aces to perfection. The flange offers a dark depth to the wheels that works on its stunning feel. The concave curves jut on the edges that gleam to pack in a rare style quotient. It has ample space on the rim for a tire to easily cover it up without any loose ends. Beautifully carved with extraordinary finishing if you pay painstaking attention up close!

Performance Meter of the Enkei PF07 Wheels

The metallic structure of MAT technology helps it to ace a precise stiffness. It also hits home run with the right amount of required weight which you can instantly feel when you pick it up. The light weight nature ensures that the overall vehicle weight gets maintained. The reduction of vehicle weight helps it with the cornering and supple movement which is generally the case when you are ambling down the tracks with your ride. It can accommodate a large braking caliper which further helps it to master the braking process. The large face of the PF07 that has plenty of gaps helps the brakes with the cooling performance when one is involved in some high speed driving. It performs extremely well in rigorous conditions. If you are aware of the Enkei testing standards Spec-E, you already know how well a wheel would do if it passes its thorough testing.

Variants of Enkei PF07

Variants of PF07 Enkei PF07 Wheels is one of the enthralling highlights from the PerformanceLine series by Enkei. It comes in different sizes to suit one’s vehicle requirements. You can opt for four different variants of Enkei PF07, each one a visual hoot. These are namely: 1. Dark Silver 2. Peal white 3. Gold 4. Matte Dark Gunmetallic 5. SBK All these colors are extremely spectacular to look at. Wheel them at once to fathom why!