Enkei PFM1

The Enkei PFM1 is known as a forged mesh wheel created by Enkei Japan which is a remodel of the highly popular BORTEX M-II from the year 1999.

Enkei PFM1 for Sale

Enkei PFM1 Wheel Design

The PFM1 features nine spokes and an extended Y-Shaped mesh that is made specifically for evenly distributing the stress on wheels while simultaneously decreasing the weight to its maximum. Forged wheels are generally molded by breaking aluminum alloy billets – cylindrical-shaped materials – into specific molds that have extremely high pressure. The process will acquire a uniform and dense metallic structure that features excellent mechanical characteristics such as tensile strength, elongation, plus it yields adequate strength. All wheels that are manufactured through forging are highly noted for their remarkable strength and are utilized in the world of racing and motorsports.

The Roulette Pattern

The Roulette Pattern of the company is grooved right on the wheel’s rim, reducing the ratio of slipping between the rim and the tire. The Roulette Pattern helps maintain the wheel’s best condition and its tire assembly to achieve the PFM1’s highest performance during extreme deceleration and acceleration. The Roulette Pattern is also utilized for racing wheels such as the McLaren Mercedes Formula One.

The Most Advanced Technology

Enkei developed a new manufacturing method to create the next generation of aluminum wheels. The Most Advanced Technology or M.A.T associates a single-piece cast wheel technology with the Spinning Process which is a rim forming technology. Making use of this brand new technology of rim forming and casting is vital to greatly improve the strength and material properties of each of Enkei’s wheels. Rim Rolled technology adequately shapes the rim to further improve material expansion without having to sacrifice the stability and hardness of the wheels.

During MAT process, the wheel rim that is set on the mandrel will be rolled and spun; this process of spinning develops a metal flow right in the aluminum alloy’s metal structure which is greatly similar to the metal properties exhibited during the forging method. The hybrid procedure of forging and casting provides the wheel with high material strength while simultaneously keeping the cost of manufacturing more efficient and affordable compared to the cost of forged wheels. Also, it allows more freedom of design when it comes to the wheel face.

Colors & Sizes

There are 3 colors available for the PFM1 and you can find it in dark silver, gold and misty blue as for the sizes, these range from fifteen to eighteen inches.

Spec E

All of the wheels that have been manufactured by the company have passed through rigorous tests; the company has also created their own testing standards called the Spec E which is tougher compared to the JWL requirements. The company’s Spec E test settings require a much higher drop point during the impact test, plus around twenty percent more cycles for their rotary bending and dynamic radial fatigue tests unlike the JWL standards.


Enkei is a company that delivers some of the latest and the best wheel designs as well as composite alloy technologies such as forging or casting processes. The company goes through their rigid and strict in-house tests that should pass the strict JGTC standards to ensure that all of the manufactured wheels are safe for use.


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