ENKEI PFM1 is one of the fine and quality-made products from ENKEI Wheels that is a remodel of the highly popular BORTEX-MII.

ENKEI PFM1 for Sale

ENKEI Wheels

Customized aftermarket wheels are a part of us just like what we wear, accessorize with, the vehicles we use, and the quality performance that we expect. ENKEI wheels provide consumers with the latest in custom wheel designs and composite-alloy technologies such as strictly rigid tests that should pass the strict JGTC Standards, forging or casting processes, as well as unparalleled manufacturing skills. ENKEI is focused on delivering perfection and providing the best when it comes to aftermarket wheels.

Now, the company is active throughout North America, Asia, Europe, and Latin America, supplying all the General Motors and the biggest Japanese automobile manufacturers in the OEM market; this also includes the numerous customers of the automotive market. The company is also known for creating stylishly durable high-tech racing wheels for various motorsports such as sports car racing, rallying, and single-seat racing; they also provide special lightweight magnesium F1 racing wheels to the McLaren Honda group. Since the year 1995, ENKEI has been the official supplier of the team.

The ENKEI PFM1 Wheels

The mesh wheels produced by ENKEI wheels Japan is the improved remodel of the highly notable and favorite BORTEX-MII from the year 1999. Its 17-inch style in the 4 x 100 is suitable and perfect for ND-Miatas – 2016 + that also comes in perfect fittings. It also features a mesh in “Y” shape that is specifically made to equally distribute adequate stress to the wheels while simultaneously decreasing weight to its maximum.

Y-Shaped Spokes for the PFM1

The ENKEI PFM1 also features simple yet sturdy spokes that have a Y shape to eliminate any unnecessary decorations on the wheels. It also works excellently with the wheel’s lightweight design and high rigidity which are provided by evenly and adequately supporting the whole perimeter of the rim with these spokes.

The MAT Process from ENKEI

Making use of ENKEI’s MAT or Most Advanced Technology decreases the ENKEI PFM1’s weight by about ten to fifteen percent and every pound of saved weight results to the reduction of the total vehicle weight by twenty pounds. The company’s MAT combines the spinning process (or rim forming method) together with the single piece cast-wheel technology; it is vital to make use of these types of rim and casting methods to greatly improve and enhance the material properties, as well as the strength of the ENKEI PFM1. Also, the company’s rim-rolled technology shapes and adjusts the rim to improve the material’s elongation without even having to sacrifice the durability and toughness of their wheels. Moreover, the MAT process also provides the ENKEI PFM1 with increased material strength and efficiency while simultaneously keeping the production cost affordable compared to the usual forged wheels; also, it gives more freedom for designs on the wheel’s face.


All of ENKEI’s wheels, including the PMF1, are engineered to pass the company’s own severe test standard called the SPEC-E which is tougher and more demanding compared to the JWL requirements.

ENKEI PFM1 Colors & Sizes

As for its sizes, the ENKEI PFM1 is available in 15, 16, 17, and 18 inches; plus, the available colors include Misty Blue, Dark Silver, and Gold.


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