Enkei RC-G4

Take a dive into the world of the funky. Enkei RC-G4 is everything you want your sporty car wheels to be like. Placed under the exquisite Enkei Sports edition, RC-G4 has what it takes to prove Enkei’s diligent mettle.

Enkei RC-G4 For Sale

Enkei RC-G4 fame

You are no stranger to the Enkei fame. With decades of experience in the automobile industry, Enkei has earned a name owing to its superlative range of products. Their products are known for its strength and durability. The company is an unrivalled beast in the territory of automobiles. Taking their range of products to the next level they have come up with an enthralling range of wheels that are ingeniously engineered to meet requirements of people with competitive fandoms. Wheels that only speak of extraordinaire let your vehicle talk talks of grandeur. RC-G4 comes from that very horizon.

Key benefits of having Enkei RC-G4

Beauty and looks

Enkei RC-G4 is a rare beauty. It frizzles in a unique spectacular pizzazz that will make your ride shine out. Your car will be the talk of the town if you take it for a spin on streets. Guarantee a second glance by investing in this gorgeous wheel that is the charm of the racing series. It is a delight to watch RC-G4 flit, because that’s when the wheels are in real motion and you see the spokes blend in the flair of orgasmic looks.

Enkei RC-G4 Performance

Irrespective of what roads it is ambling on, Enkei RC-G4 Wheels give you a power pack performance. Even in arduous conditions, in onerous sojourns, and severe tracks, Enkei RC-G4 helps you overcome every hurdle. It does extremely well in cornering since it is rigid enough to withhold immense pressure. It can stand all sorts of stress owing to its stiffened mien which has seen some fine engineering exertion. Same holds true for quick acceleration and deceleration. It stays unaffected by your punishing throttle shenanigans quality-wise complying at the right moments to give you required results. The impact strength is immense, so you rarely see it succumbing to smears or blemishes.

MAT DURA Flow Forming process

Enkei Wheels RC-G4 incorporates the usage of MAT which helps the wheel into becoming really lightweight, at the same time catch hold of some monumental brawn. Owing to the lesser weight, vehicle tends to achieve outstanding results on tricky roads as it works upon its celerity quotient. You could milk its real advantage when you jog it down rally races where it does not hold you back from speeding. Strength is quite substantial as it will take down any gravel rising up to hit it without leaving a mark behind. It is downright impeccable for gravel rally competitions.

15 short spoke design

Enkei RC-G4 proudly flaunts its breathtaking 15 spoke design that further complements the tire that surrounds it perfectly. It is spacious thereby allowing large brake calipers and discs to fit in there comfortably. It has space galore that further works on braking heat dissipation facilitating swift unhindered movements. Spokes are short here, another rare beauty that exhume a heart-melting look and that this wheel simply perfects.

Rim profile

The rim profiling that it retains goes on to show the brilliance with which it has been built. Rim is very stiff but eases into a tire like a fitting glove. It has a large center dish that works great in preventing every oncoming gravel onslaught from entering into the brake area even in formidable road conditions. The rim is also specially carved to avert mud formation and facilitating its easy removal if dirt somehow ends up clinging.