Enkei RC-T4

Purchasing a high quality wheel could be tricky. Not when you have Enkei wheels around. Try the impressive Enkei RC-T4 wheel to truly experience the power of the extraordinaire.

Enkei RC-T4 For Sale

The Enkei RC-T4 Experience

If you are smitten by the racing fandom, you know how revered Enkei wheels are. The colossal company has been around for more than 50 decades to impart us quality service when it comes to automobile parts. Skillfully engineered to meet the toughest of requirements on race tracks, Enkei wheels products are the most fascinating ones. It is hard not to admire their work when you pay attention to the flair entailed in their incredible finesse which is quite evident with the work they do. One such fine specimen of their diligent phenomenal work is Enkei RC-T4.

RC-T4: Kneel before the Wheel

A pattern of stunning spokes embellish the beauty of the wheel. They are all equidistant, flashy and sporty enough to fling you in a pleasant reverie. A1 quality flow form cast aluminum speaks of only fine elegance. Enkei RC-T4 goes through the process of MAT-DURA flow forming to exhume terrific results. The wondrous wheels make that fact quite apparent the moment you understand how strong they really are. With strength galore under their belt, RC-T4 is a perfect choice to have whilst you are going for tarmac rally or a track race. Even in worse conditions where stones and pebbles hit the wheels profusely, you wouldn’t see the Enkei RC-T4 even flinch for a second. The range is the toughest and the meanest variant you could find.

Enkei RC-T4 Wheels

Enkei Wheels RC-T4 is one of the most rigid wheels you could find. It is lightweight just like any other Enkei wheels which accounts for reducing the weight of the vehicle. With that you can move around more swiftly even on difficult roads. There is ample space here for you to easily squeeze a large brake disc and caliper. It has been constructed such so as to offer proper brake cooling balance and unco drag. The rim profile withstands tons of pressure. So even if there are harsh cornering conditions the Enkei RC-T4 Wheels range vanquishes them all. It stands proudly to conquer every hurdle put in its way. It works extremely well with the braking, acceleration and deceleration. It allows for proper aerodynamics thus assisting your car into ambling faster than usual. RC-T4 series have been lab tested to meet all safety standards. It meets all the Spec-E standards which are far superior to JWL.

Enkei RC-T4 – Color options available

There are five color options that you get here. Each one of them is extremely ravishing to look at. Put tires around them and see how beautifully it moulds with the dark eventually imparting a fantastic appearance to your ride. These colors are:
1. White: White looks simply amazeballs when complemented with a darker tone. The fact that the tire adds up a rad layer of darkness to it makes the whole wheeling setup noteworthy.
2. Silver: With spokes like that, silver simply becomes analogous to a star. It shines with effulgence when light reflects on the RC-T4 wheels.
3. Bronze: Bronze is another great hue that is outright catching. Adds up a unique glamour to your ride.
4. Gold: The gleam of the gold rim will help your sporty ride shine out even in the darkest conditions. Add a sparkle to your racing life with this shining beauty.
5. Metal Gray: The grayish tinge helps you sizzle in pizzazz. It is hard not to notice the metallic display of strenuous hues beneath your vehicle that keep the wheels chugging. Invest in this swell wheel straightaway!