Enkei RS05RR

Comes straight from the racks of Enkei is a wheel so powerful and stunning that one look and you can’t stop yourself from putting it underneath your ride. Enkei RS05RR is an irresistible variant with looks that are outright gorgeous. Be prepared to experience this mindboggling creation of Enkei wheels!

Enkei RS05RR For Sale

Enthralling appearance of Enkei RS05RR Wheels

Taking in the vanguard its racing spirit, RS05RR will make your beast appear more beastly. It will accentuate its looks and let your ride be the talk of the town. It looks definitely ravishing on a sports car! The spokes jut out towards its tires imparting a monstrous feel to the body of the car. This makes for downright thrilling looks which are sure to capture the attention of the onlookers. Hit the tracks with this one to embellish your style quotient and you will see the huge difference it makes to your overall persona. Bring about that racing revolution in you that you have always secretly dreamt of having by investing in these gorgeous Enkei RS05RR wheels. Comes rolling in eye catching splendor, RS05RR exploits latest trends to the fullest. You will find its style to be derived straight from the contemporary enclaves.

Face Designs of Enkei RS05RR

Enkei RS05RR is available in three different face type variants. They are namely Type F, Type M and Type R. Each one of the face design packs in different shapes. You can see the difference in their concavity planes. Each one has been designed with such meticulousness that every car enthusiast can almost read the difference unequivocally by looking at them. The medium edge face is a delight for spectators and heedful appreciators. It makes the most of the three dimensional look and milks it well to help it stand out amongst its competitors. It has those anti-slip paints that make a silent promise of sticking together even in worse situations.

Performance offered by Enkei RS05RR

RS05RR promises to deliver mindboggling results. If you take a look at its performance meter you will notice how it performs extraordinary well in the braking department. It also allows great handling something you as a driver will be able to make within your first run. It complies fully to your acceleration and deceleration and does extremely well with cornering. RS05RR features a lightweight body which has been manufactured painstakingly by Enkei wheels to yield powerful results. It has been built on the anvils of MAT-DURA flow forming technology which ensures that it offers immaculate strength even in extreme conditions. The rim setup is super taut and it creates sheer magic when met with the right tires. It aces rigid testing that meets all the safety standards of JGTC. It packs in high material properties that are simply rare to find.

Color options in Enkei RS05RR Wheels

There are three color variants available for your choosing. Based upon your color preference and what will look sweet on your ride you could select these: 1. Sparkle Silver: Sizzle in the sparkling silver variant that will let your tires gleam a sparkling shine. From a distance it would appear if you are riding on stars. 2. Dark Matte Gunmetallic: The dark variant is for people who have a gleaming car body or those who love to dress up their beasts in dark colors. It will complement the tires in a way that will be hard not to notice. 3. Glacial White: This speaks only of prominence. The color will let you get on with your racing chores with so much attention that people are definitely going to compliment you on your selection. Extraordinary hue that will help you shine out on those tracks.