Enkei RSM9

Scavenging for glamour on your ride? Getting Enkei RSM9 for your car is the perfect way to do it. With enthralling qualities that promise high performance with pizzazz RSM9 is a colossal beast when it comes to shining high in the wheels department.

Enkei RSM9 For Sale

The Enkei ESM9 brand value

Making a name for years, Enkei is a phenomenal company when it comes to producing badass automobile products. A name that has earned its fame all owing to its exceptional efforts! They bring you extraordinary wheels that come painstakingly engineered to meet all your riding requirements. RSM9 is one output of their meticulous hard work that will let you take your racing fandom to the next level.

The Racing beast: Enkei RSM9

Enkei RSM9 is an epitome of strength and rigidity. Its lightweight nature grants swift movement to your car. The celerity factor goes up a notch with lesser weight to worry about. This is a quotient that plays out well for racing cars, also one of the reasons why Enkei RSM9 has been placed under the Racing line category. Infused with racing vibes, the all new RSM9 has a 9 spoke design that it flaunts to perfection. It entails the usage of MAT-DURA flow forming process in its manufacturing that further helps it in packing its immense strength. It achieves an optimal depth to height ratio which makes it a visual hoot. The deep side cut design that it brags is stark beauty to watch. Not only is the design visually appealing it also allows ample area for large braking calipers to squeeze in. With gaps that are large enough to accommodate braking discs, Enkei RSM9 makes sure a proper braking mechanism is maintained. Ample cooling and drag ensures braking effects stay top-notch. The concave structure that the spoke design achieves helps it to master a style that exemplifies the sportiness of the ride. The center part has just the right depth to ensure spokes converge at one place thus extrapolating its appearance enclave further. The style is here to stay and that’s how it will remain.

The Enkei RSM9 eye-candy paint

The anti-slip paint on the Enkei RSM9 abates the tire distortion effects. So in cases where you need to press the throttle up or decelerate abruptly, the wheel stays unaffected by the blemishes of gravels and tarmac. Also, the finish on the wheels is seamless that accentuates the overall appearance of the vehicle that dons the wheels. Available in two different soothing colors namely: 1. Platinum Silver 2. Piano Black Whilst the platinum silver slithers in its grandeur like a star, piano black imparts a much needed gravity to your car. You can garner profundity owing to the looks of your ride. These wheels will embellish its mien further making it shine out against the rest on the tracks.

Enkei RSM9 Spec-E testing

Enkei Wheels, RSM9 is Spec-E inspected which means they have been subjected to rigorous testing to exhume incredible results. The standard is far better than JWL requirements and it considers all aspects of cornering, braking, acceleration and deceleration whilst testing. Wheels are really durable and the charm rarely ever leaves it during its entire span. It works in all sorts of tough conditions without affecting the looks department.

Performance of Enkei RSM9

It fares exceptionally well when it comes to delivering impressive performance. It fares superbly when you take a peek in its impact department. With impact strength which is above the average limits, it withstands all sorts of pressure and stress to emanate thrilling results. It also does exceptionally with the cornering and braking complementing the ride whenever needed to ease one into successfully acing the process.