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Enkei PF01 Matte Black – 18 Inch FACE TYPE R


Enkei PF01 For Sale Matte Black Color – Wide Selection of 18 Inch ENKEI Wheels FACE TYPE R


Enkei PF01 Matte Black – 18 Inch FACE TYPE R

ENKEI Enkei PF01 is another example of a fine product by ENKEI Wheels

Here you can find Enkei PF01 in Matte Black, other colors available on the site.

Enkei PF01

All of the wheels that come from Enkei deliver the latest and highest quality alloy cast processes and wheel designs straight from their high-tech development facilities. Their testing standards meet the VIA and JWL strength test standards of Japan, thus representing the company’s commitment to utmost safety and quality.

The company, Enkei, was founded in Japan and has a popular presence in a lot of areas all over the world such as Asia, Latin America, North America, and Europe, plus their factories can be located in Southeast Asia, Japan, and also in the United States. Enkei’s business in the industry of wheels ranges from their sleek and sophisticated wheels for WRC, Formula Nippon, Formula One, Super Taikyu, Drifting Worldwide, and also the Super GT Series. It is also one of the largest OEM markets that provide some of the biggest motorcycle and auto manufacturers like General Motors, Toyota, and even Honda.

Enkei PF01 Wheels

Because of its light weight, the Enkei Wheels PF01 is among the hottest and most popular race wheels available in the market, and with its MAT or Most Advanced Technology, it shapes the wheels perfectly while simultaneously decreasing its weight. Furthermore, the PF01 features a light, race-friendly design that comes in two shades with a lot of clearance for big brake calipers. The Enkei PF01 is definitely a high-quality and top-notch wheel offered at a very competitive price, and it is also utilized by a large number of professional race teams such as Rhys Millen.

Extreme Lightweight Design

Because of the company’s MAT flow-forming method, the Enkei PF01 is created to exhibit its excellence while also being extremely lightweight. The wheel has been engineered to take Enkei’s lightweight line to the next level since it exhibits an excellent sporty and light feel. Additionally, the PF01 features subtle edges along the spokes’ sides to add more style and design for a unique dimensional accent.

Wide Application

Due to its popular demand, the Enkei PF01 has been developed to provide a plethora of various applications which include 15×8 and 18×10.5; plus, the wheel also features a huge brake caliper clearance to meet all the needs of every car enthusiast.

The Roulette Pattern

Enkei’s unique pattern is set on the Enkei PF01’s rim to decrease the chances of slipping between rim and tire. This roulette pattern also preserves its best condition and quality for their wheel and tire assembly which is why it has achieved the top performing wheel during intense deceleration and acceleration. Their roulette pattern is also utilized for the racing wheels of the McLaren Mercedes Formula-One.

MAT Technology

Enkei has created their brand new manufacturing method to create their next aluminum wheel generation; this MAT or Most Advanced Technology fuses their single-piece cast wheel machinery with a rim-forming technique by the MAT process. Moreover, this type of technology also shapes the rim to better its material for elongation without having to sacrifice the durability and hardness of the wheels.

Sizes and Colors

Not only is the PF01 a strong and effective wheel but it is also fashioned with different sizes and colors: the wheel is available in varying sizes that range from fifteen to eighteen inches. For its colors, you can choose from their Matte Black or Silver shades.

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