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Enkei PF01SS Pearl Machined White – 17 Inch


Enkei PF01SS For Sale Pearl Machined White Color – Wide Selection of 17 Inch ENKEI Wheels


Enkei PF01SS Pearl Machined White – 17 Inch

ENKEI Enkei PF01SS is another example of a fine product by ENKEI Wheels

Here you can find Enkei PF01SS in Pearl Machined White, other colors available on the site.

Enkei PF01SS

Enkei was formed in 1950 and since then, had a continuous history of adventures and challenges that enabled them to produce and deliver the most innovative and high-quality wheels to car enthusiasts and top racers. Today, Enkei has reached the top and has become one of the best aluminum wheel manufacturers to satisfy the requisites and demands of famous automobile creators and users of aftermarket wheels all over the world. The company continues to strive and exceed the expectations of race car enthusiasts and professionals as well.

Enkei Wheels continue to offer top-notch racing, performance, luxury, SUV, and even truck wheels that never fail to impress when it comes to the latest wheel designs, composite alloy technologies like forged or casting methods. Additionally, they also ensure that their wheels pass through rigorous testing that should pass the tough JGTC Standards and unparalleled manufacturing facilities. Also, the company ensures that their engineers are strictly involved with the highest levels of competition, allowing them to utilize their technology for the ultimate test. What is great about Enkei’s wheels is that despite all of its excellent features and top-notch quality, the wheels from this company are forged processed at lower costs because of its MAT Technology.

Enkei PF01SS

Because the company has utilized their MAT Technology for flow-forming, the PF01SS has been created to be a wheel that is extremely lightweight like no other. Also, the Enkei Wheels PF01SS is devised to take the company’s lightweight racing wheels up to the next level.

Roulette Pattern

The unique roulette pattern created by Enkei is incised on the Enkei PF01SS’ rim to lessen the ratio of slipping between the rim and tire. Also, the roulette pattern protects and keeps the best condition of their tire and wheel assembly, achieving the top performance level during intense acceleration and deceleration. Additionally, this specific pattern is utilized for the McLaren Mercedes Formula One race wheels.

Five-Spoke Design

The PF01SS’ split 5-spoke design displays a sporty and lightweight feel, with subtle edges on the spokes’ sides which add a unique and one of a kind 3D accent to the wheel’s design.

Extreme Lightweight Design + Rim-rolled Technology

By making use of Enkei’s MAT flow forming process, the Enkei PF01SS is created to be one of the most lightweight racing wheels in the market today. Not only that, but because of its five-spoke design, the PF01SS is still a highly durable and strong race wheel despite it being lightweight and stylish. Moreover, Enkei’s rim-rolled technology easily shapes the Enkei PF01SS’ rim which helps improve the elongation of materials without having to sacrifice the wheel’s hardness and strength.

The Most Advanced Technology

Enkei has developed their own manufacturing procedure to be able to easily create the next generation of aluminum wheels and to achieve this, Enkei ensures that all their products pass through tough and rigorous tests, following their own quality standards called the MAT or Most Advanced Technology.

Spec-E, Enkei PF01SS Sizes, and Color

Since the company aims to provide only the most durable, strong, and high-quality racing wheels to the world, the company made its own standard testing called the Spec-E which is tougher compared to the requirements of the JWL. Enkei’s setting for their Spec-E needs a much higher drop point when it comes to their impact test, plus a few more cycles for the dynamic radial fatigue tests.

For the colors of the Enkei PF01SS, the available shades include Gloss Black with Machined Lip, Matte Black, or Silver. As for the sizes, the wheels come in sizes 17 x 8 and 17 x 9 only.

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