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Enkei PF07 SBK – 18 Inch FACE TYPE F


Enkei PF07 For Sale SBK Color – Wide Selection of 18 Inch ENKEI Wheels FACE TYPE F


Enkei PF07 SBK – 18 Inch FACE TYPE F

ENKEI Enkei PF07 is another example of a fine product by ENKEI Wheels

Here you can find Enkei PF07 in SBK, other colors available on the site.

Enkei PF07

Enkei’s long experience of producing excellent race car wheels is unrivaled as it continues supplying high-quality wheels for Formula 1, Japan GT Championship, WRC, Formula Drift, Super Taikyu, and a whole lot more. The company’s laboratory is the racetrack, and from there, they gather all pertinent details and knowledge learned on the tracks to create excellent and durable wheels, offering the same top-notch technology that caters to the needs and requisites of all auto enthusiasts from all over the world.

The company’s state of the art and high-tech facility in Japan makes use of the MAT technology to be able to achieve and create the wheels with ultimate lightness, durability, and intensity for the most excellent racing wheel series; and of course, without sacrificing the company’s excellent value. For the very best, look nowhere else and opt for the Enkei racing series.

Enkei PF07 Wheels

The Enkei Wheels PF07 is one of the highest performing wheels in the market that combines a solid and great performance with the latest style trends when it comes to race car wheels. Their PF07’s face is engineered and developed thoroughly to accommodate large brake calipers, as well as to better the performance of brake cooling during high speed and rigorous driving.

The Seven-Spoke Design

The Enkei PF07’s spokes exhibit the process of machining to reduce thickness on the wheel’s inner face; also, its seven-spoke design offers superb cornering and resistance to impact, thus making it highly effective and efficient wheels for racing. Furthermore, the spokes of the PF07 also reach further towards the flange’s edge, giving it a concave shape that is combined with the double lipped flange that exhibits a sleek yet aggressive look. The company has ensured to utilize the concept of sport and toughness to serve as an inspiration for these designs and features.

MAT Technology

Built around the concept of toughness and sport, the Enkei PF07 has been developed with the company’s advanced technology process called the MAT – Enkei’s own process for manufacturing. This process has been used to create the Enkei PF07, as well as all the other wheels created by the company to produce the next era of aluminum wheels. MAT or the Most Advanced Technology fuses the single-piece cast wheel process with a rim-forming spin method, where the use of this technology of forming and casting is vital to dramatically better the strength and material properties of wheels. Additionally, the Enkei’s rim-rolled process shapes the rim to better the elongation of its material without having to sacrifice the hardness and durability of the wheels.

The Spec-E Inspected

PF07’s durability and strength meet all of the requirements that are higher compared to the basic standards of the universal JWL. Enkei takes their wheel design and production seriously, developing its own set of intensely rigorous and high-quality standards to make sure that the wheels they create have high resistance to rotary and impact bending. The standards of Enkei’s Spec-E is tougher and higher compared to the requirements of the JWL, developing its lineup of wheels with superior quality and style.

Colors and Sizes of the PFo7

Aside from its function and durability, Enkei puts a lot of effort and importance to the aesthetics of its wheels, combining the most stylish and modern colors, trim, and accents as well. The Enkei PF07 comes in the Dark Silver shade and sizes that range from seventeen to nineteen inches.

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