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Enkei RC-G4 White – 15 Inch


Enkei RC-G4 For Sale White Color – Wide Selection of 15 Inch ENKEI Wheels


Enkei RC-G4 White – 15 Inch

ENKEI Enkei RC-G4 is another example of a fine product by ENKEI Wheels

Here you can find Enkei RC-G4 in White, other colors available on the site.

Enkei RC-G4

Enkei offers strong, durable, and lightweight wheels that are perfect for rigorous sports racing games; however, it does not only offer top-notch and high-quality alloy wheels, but the company also offers wheels that are extremely stylish and eye-catching.

For professional racers and racing enthusiasts, customer aftermarket wheels are just as important as the vehicles we drive and of course, its performance. Enkei has been one of the leading and most popular manufacturers for custom wheels, plus they are also well-renowned for offering high-quality and lightweight performance or racing wheels. Since its establishment in the year 1950, the company has had a long successful history of providing some of the most creative, lightweight, and high-quality alloy wheels to top racers and enthusiasts around; furthermore, the collection of wheels from Enkei delivers only the latest, most contemporary wheel designs and composite alloy technologies like forged and casting methods, unparalleled manufacturing facilities, as well as rigid tests that should pass the tough JGTC standards. This only proves that the company only delivers perfection and nothing but the best when it comes to aftermarket wheels.

The Enkei RC-G4

The Enkei Wheels RC-G4 is the evolution of Enkei’s ES-GRAVEL – their wheels designed specifically for modern rally cars. The strength of the RC-G4 is considerably boosted to achieve high-speed for Group-N rally cars; also the Enkei RC-G4’s weight has been lightened because of the MAT-DURA Flow Forming, as well as computer analysis

Design Specific for Gravel Rally

Enkei RC-G4’s huge center dish that includes a short spoke design is highly effective for all types of load that are categorized under gravel condition; these include preventing gravel or stones from entering the area where the brakes are located, plus, the rim area is also fashioned to remove mud with ease.

Made for Large Brake Calipers and Discs

The Enkei RC-G4 has a rim profile and face designed perfectly for huge brake discs and calipers; another feature that professionals and enthusiasts look for when it comes to sports racing wheels.

True WRC Spec

The RC-G4’s durability has been proven in a lot of Group-N vehicles where impact resistance, strength, as well as brake ventilation are all balanced carefully. This is done to ensure the reliability of wheels under harsh environments.

Enkei’s MAT Technology

The company has developed their own new process of manufacturing to create the next generation of aluminum wheels to ensure the best, high-quality products offered to its customers. This method is utilized for all of Enkei’s wheels which include the Enkei RC-G4. Their MAT or Most Advanced Technology fuses the single-piece cast wheel technology together with the rim forming procedure called the spinning process. Making use of this type of casting and rim method is critical for drastically improving the strength and material properties of the wheels. Moreover, their rim-rolled technology alters and shapes the rim to better the elongation of materials without having to sacrifice the hardness and durability of the wheels.

Enkei RC-G4 Spec-E, Sizes, and Colors

Just like every other Enkei wheels that the company has produced, the RC-G4 has passed through the company’s own rigorous and tough quality testing procedure that is actually tougher compared to the requirements of the JWL. The company’s SPEC-E test requires a much higher drop point for their impact test while the dynamic fatigue test and rotary bending fatigue test requires twenty-percent more cycles.

As for the colors, White and Gold are the shades available while fifteen inches is the only size available specifically for this wheel.

ENKEI 15 Inch Wheels – Enkei RC-G4 White available in those variations:

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