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Enkei RC-T4 Bronze – 17 Inch


Enkei RC-T4 For Sale Bronze Color – Wide Selection of 17 Inch ENKEI Wheels


Enkei RC-T4 Bronze – 17 Inch

ENKEI Enkei RC-T4 is another example of a fine product by ENKEI Wheels

Here you can find Enkei RC-T4 in Bronze, other colors available on the site.

Enkei RC-T4

For the most prestigious and well-known names in alloy wheels, Enkei is considered as one of the best and most reliable. The alloy wheels from this company have been utilized by a vast number of Formula One championship winners, and also, Enkei is the main and official supplier of these wheels of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes group. Also, the wheels from Enkei make use of the latest and most cutting edge technology for designing and manufacturing wheels, producing only the best and high-quality Formula One technology vehicles.

The company ensures that they offer the best, high-quality aftermarket custom wheels with the latest and most stylish designs; additionally, these wheels also go through rigorous testing that must pass the high-quality standards of the JGTC in their state of the art manufacturing facilities. These only prove that the company is dedicated to perfection so they can readily deliver the best and most excellent wheels for all.

Enkei wheels have been certified – proving that it has passed and even exceeded the various international standards for wheels which include the highly strict VIA, TUV, and JWL tests. Also, their wheels undergo quality testing where these go through the industry’s primary X-RAY scanning method, radial or impact corner strength tests, and the air leakage test.

The Enkei RC-T4 Wheel

The Enkei Wheels RC-T4 is known as the company’s competition wheel for tarmac to the United States market; its design meets the requirements for brake cooling, as well as the requirements for the aerodynamics of competition race cars. Most of the professional riders who have utilized the RC-T4 became champions or have taken the spot of one of the top three in racing competitions. Furthermore, the Enkei RC-T4 is considered to be the ultimate wheel for competitions because of its design that utilizes state of the art technological analysis together with the company’s long history of racing.

Enkei’s MAT-DURA Technology

Enkei’s Most Advanced Technology or MAT is utilized for the Enkei RC-T4, fusing the single-piece cast wheel method with the rim-forming technology which is generally called the spinning process. Making use of this brand new technology from the company has helped in rim and cast forming; also, the rim-rolled method shapes or alters the rim to enhance the elongation of materials without sacrificing any of the wheel’s durability, strength, and of course, hardness. With the company’s MAT-DURA Forming process, the RC-T4 has become highly advanced, displaying the second generation of the process of MAT which is definitely more enhanced. Moreover, it also provides a more lightweight and an excellent balance of anti-flex and strength features that are necessary elements for competition.


All of the wheels created by Enkei, including the Enkei RC-T4, are all devised to pass the rigorous and severely harsh tests to ensure its quality and durability. To add to this, Enkei has also developed its own testing standards called the SPEC-E which is far more tough and tenacious compared to the requirements of the JWL.

Colors and Sizes of the RC-T4

Generally, the Enkei RC-T4’s 18-inch wheels with the 5-114.3 bolt pattern is the only size offered; however, you can still have a special order for the 15 and 17-inch size for this wheel. Also, these come in two shades namely Metal Gray and Silver.

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