Rays 57FXX

To sizzle in your ultimate racing machine you need the enthralling looks of Rays 57FXX. It has the perfect sporty vibes to it to let you revered and outstanding performance to keep you at the top of your game.

Rays 57FXX For Sale

Rays wheels Engineering

The Japanese company has been thriving prosperously in the automobile industry for more than 4 decades now. You might have come across Volk Racing before if you are an automobile enthusiast. The brand of wheels that Volk Racing featured was all forged under the aegis of Rays wheels engineering. Similarly Gram Lights is yet another sports brand that makes a profuse use of Rays’ exquisite forging skills. Rays wheels are very popular amongst the mass and is the leading wheel supplier to big names like Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Mazda in all sorts of big racing events. Even in famous racing circuits you will always end up finding wheels that have come straight from the anvils of Rays industry. Their high quality engineering is evident from their wheels. One such product that stands proudly as the frontrunner to help Rays wheels Engineering shine further in the competitive market of wheels is the all new Rays 57FXX.

Rays Wheels – Looks of Gram Lights 57FXX

Rays 57FXX does really well in the appearance department. It carries in a unique sporty appeal that is quite rare to find in other wheels. Its twin spoke fork design makes the wheel appear as if it is ready for an aggressive racing venture. The jaunty face captures a very contemporary style of rim forging filling up empty spaces with an unseen grandeur. You cannot overlook the perfect juncture point where it goes on to meet the flange. The center cap is surrounded with five big grooves to assist with the wheels with the internal setup. Every spoke packs a dual outlining effect that intends to break the monotony of single bland lines. It is here where you seem some rad forging at play. 57FXX allows you to have two color options. Both are outright exceptional. The Sunlight Sliver is a color that packs the right amount of glint to help your ride exhume a sparkly tinge. Black & Machining color is an epitome of midnight darkness. It blends in beautifully with the colors of the tire making your beast look a complete badass.

Performance of Gram Lights Rays 57FXX

When you pay heed to how well the Rays 57FXX performs you will be surprised to find out that it has rarely ever hindered the progress of a pro-racer. Not messing with the rigorous runs of the racer, 57FXX goes on to deliver stunning results. It works great with cornering allowing the car to score top speeds in a matter of seconds and facilitates braking something which you cannot really work without in a racing competition. Gram Lights 57FXX understands your racing needs thus providing you a sturdy wheel that only speaks of power and strength. At the same time, the wheel is lightweight too. It takes down the overall vehicular weight to a considerable low, thus making your sports car lighter. Lighter vehicle means faster results. The handling automatically becomes A1. It further aids you with acceleration and deceleration.

Rays 57FXX – Best Finishing Ever

Give a good look at the anti-slip that it proudly dons and you will know how brilliantly the finishing on the wheel has been done. The wheel finds some of the best finishing in its range. As you put a tire on it you will realize how perfectly it will fit it. Rims are flared to impart it perfection. There is plenty of space there to easily accommodate braking calipers and discs without much hassle.