Rays 57Transcend

If you wish to flit on the finest wheels on road, Rays 57Transcend should be your first choice. Acing both the performance and splendor departments, 57Transcend promises to serves you well in toughest of roads. It has a nice sporty feel to it that makes it downright perfect for the racing tracks.

Rays 57Transcend For Sale

From the pits of Rays Wheels Engineering

Rays wheels Engineering is one of the most colossal wheel making companies in the world. Founded in the year 1973, the industry has been curdling its profound knowledge ever since and applying it in the field of automobiles to come up with some outstanding products. Rays brand is a boon to the racing industry, a name so popular that every racing enthusiast knows about it and reveres it. The all new Rays 57 Transcend is one such enthralling product that has found the light owing to the assiduous work done by Rays engineering.

Rays 57 Transcend – Gram Lights variant

Rays 57Transcend is a Gram Lights variant which is a special lineup to identify extraordinary lightweight wheels. Wheels are helmed through a casting process that makes the wheel ready for racing. It imparts enormous strength to the wheel thereby making it super taut for resistant tracks. Rays 57 Transcend instills that very quality in all outcomes, in turn assisting with the performance quotient.

The Looks Enclave of Rays 57Transcend

When you talk about the looks of the wheels, Rays 57 Transcend transcends simplicity. The wheel is outright perfect for racing as it has the right amount of weight for supple movement of the car. The overall weight of the vehicle goes down owing to this very factor which makes even tedious turns easier to take. You get a great cornering experience without any problems from the wheel front. Braking is aided by the wheel since they have large openings for the brakes to fit. Braking gets further assisted by heat dissipation and cooling effects that ensure that your ride runs seamless. A 10 spoke wheel design adorns the face of 57Transcend. It is more of a singleton style that gives the wheel a rad appearance. The sports look makes it just perfect to be used for rally tracks.

Rim profile of Rays 57Transcend

Rays 57Transcend scores maximum points in its meticulous profiling. The finishing on this beauty is a joy to watch. It is hard not to notice the way spokes of the wheel converge into the center cap acing a concave mien. You get an optional center cap that you could replace with something that suits your style. The flange makes ample space for the tires. It ensures an impeccable grip that assists in high speed racing. The fact that the whole setup is an epitome of strength and brawn makes it a product that fares extremely well in punishing conditions. The sturdiness of Rays 57Transcend deals with the tarmac and gravel from the road. So even after a crucial decimating run, you don’t see the wheel in shambles. It stays completely intact owing to its immense stiffness.

The Anti-Slip Paint on Rays 57Transcend

It incorporates an anti-slip paint that ensures the paint never wears off. Even after onerous racing stints, the paint doesn’t get affected. Cleaning it is super easy too, since the dirt never sticks on it. Spokes are flared apart that makes it easier to get the most recalcitrant mud with maximum ease. When you look closely at the wheel you will realize how beautifully everything has been put together. You cannot really make out welding lines or blemishes. An A1 product that does nothing but speak volumes of magnificence about its manufacturers. What are you waiting for? Plunge right in.