Rays G25

Rays G25 is what you need as your wheels to amble down your favorite lanes. It has just the right rhythm you want performance and appearance-wise. Splutter in an appealing grandeur! Make your ride an aggressive beast to be feared on them racing tracks.

Rays G25 For Sale

Rays G25 – Rays Wheels Industry Product

Rays Engineering has been ruling the automobiles industry for quite some time now. Founded in the year 1973, the company has been manufacturing exceptional products to allow you to enjoy the limelight marked by some astounding looks. It has come up with a series of fascinating wheels that have a brand lineup meant to serve your racing needs. Volk Racing is one such enthralling lineup that only speaks of strength required to roll your vehicle in toughest of tracks. Rays G25 is a wheel that stands in the vanguard of Volk Racing in order to deliver awesome results upping the performance meter. Volk Racing G25 has everything that you expect from a wheel to fulfil your sports dreams.

Volk Racing G25 Features

When it comes to looks, Rays G25 sizzles in a style that stands on the contemporary grounds. It is kind of a blend between single and dual spoke design that meet the flange in a chic fashion. The concavity on the face of the wheel gives it a modish finesse which helps it to stand out as one of the finest wheels of all times. Spokes of the G25 converge towards the center cap in a fluent fashion where the inner circle accommodates them atop. So the grooves hold the fort between every twin spoke design. It is quite unique and an unseen façade that the Rays Volk Racing G25 perfects. One look at it and you will know how winsome the wheels appear. You get two arresting options when it comes to colors and tinges. These are: 1. Mercury Silver II: The play of the silver hue is evident on the face of it. Wrap it in the darkness of tires and imagine how stunning the Rays G25 wheels would seem. 2. Formula Silver / Black Clear: This has the apt amount of darkness to it. The black tinge imparts a rare depth to the wheels that will help it to stand apart from the rest of the rides on those daunting rally tracks.

Rays Wheels – Fitting Tires Right

Tires can’t serve the movement job alone. They need a strong basal foundation to pull a car through. That’s where the wheels come into picture. Rays G25 has just the perfect grip to hold the tires firmly. Rim profile protrudes out at edges to make sure a taut effect is attained. There is plenty of space in between to ease the wheel into allowing proper braking heat dissipation. Also, plenty of room to accommodate calipers of all shapes and sizes.

Strength Galore of Volk Racing G25

The way the Rays G25 wheel is forged tells the tale of its compelling strength. The aluminum is refined to exhume a finish that is stark eye-candy. A telling lightness covers the wheel, which you will fathom the moment you pick it up, something which will help you reduce the weight of the vehicle to a great extent. The lesser the overall weight is, the better and faster it would run. The best part is that the overall stiffness takes on every gravel or tarmac that hits it without giving in. Even the anti-slip coating that adorns the wheels doesn’t get blemished owing to the regular hitting. So powerful is its design that it takes on every hit like a pro. The wheel fares brilliantly against toughest of weather conditions too.