Rays G27

Rays G27 stands as the frontrunner to the enthralling brand lineup of Volk Racing. Proudly flaunting its sporty look the wheel is a rare miracle when it comes to delivering stunning results. It gives a great performance even on punishing roads. Apart from that it fares exceptionally well in the looks department.

Rays G27 For Sale

The Outstanding Rays Wheels Engineering Venture

If you are smitten with racing fanatics, Rays wheels Engineering wouldn’t be a stranger to you. The company that saw the light for the first time in the year 1973 is still around owing to the extraordinary products they have been making for so long. The recent Volk Racing lineup by the Rays wheels industry is one of the most modish designs to have ever surfaced the racing industry. Standing tall on the podium is an extraordinary wheel Rays G27, a Volk Racing beast that is as powerful as it looks.

Volk Racing G27 Appearance

Rays G27 features a bold twin spoke design which is shaped like a fork when you pay attention to its frontal façade. In all, there are 14 spokes that cover it imparting a sporty look to the tires. The cross-spoke fork like model is one of a kind and is very rare to find. One of the trendiest designs to have ever hit the market, Rays G27 bides by its heart-melting looks to instantly attract the onlookers. There is a certain concavity that drives the wheels towards the winsome territory. You can’t help but marvel at its splendor when the wheels get in motion. An exquisite play of spokes is evident on its face when you see the wheels spin. The spokes enter into a trench like enclave as they try to meet the center cap. Unlike other wheels, the Rays G27 doesn’t have visible grooves on the center cap, which amplifies its looks further. A center package set that sits on the meeting point of its spokes is what enhances its beauty. You get a 3D feel looking at it. It exhumes a rare magnificence when looked at from a distance.

Rays G27 – Rim Profiling

Its flange design is well suited to slither into any kind of tires. They facilitate a perfect grip. The flange outlining is a joy to watch and the wheel features a stunning finishing. It is quite evident from the looks of the wheel how meticulously the structure has been forged. Anti-slip paint is used to ensure nothing messes with the coating of the ray wheel. The paint also doesn’t allow the dirt to stick to it. Washing it removes it in a jiffy.

High Performance Rays Wheels

Rays G27 yields a power-packed performance as well apart from scoring high in the countenance meter. It complements cornering and braking profusely. Sharp and steep turns aren’t a problem with it, since it gels up perfectly with the steering. It literally listens to the throttle as it facilitates instant acceleration and deceleration. It scores high points in the handling section too. Volk Racing G27 works great on toughest and meanest of roads. It packs in mind-numbing strength that is quite rare in its category. The stiffness is something that makes it favourable for all kinds of toughened roads. It ambles like butter on tarmac and gravel roads. You will realize it the moment you take your ride out for a spin with Rays G27 to assist your car. The fascinating wheel is quite lightweight too, which means that it considerably brings down the overall vehicular weight. The movement then becomes suppler and there is nothing that can stop you from winning races.

Rays G27 Color Selection

You get three color variants to choose from. They have been mentioned below: 1. Formula Silver 2. Prism Dark Silver 3. Prism Light Silver