Rays G50

It is hard to find a wheel better than Rays G50. It has all the qualities necessary to excel as the finest in terms of performance and looks. It is one of the strongest wheels to have ever hit the market. What complements its outstanding strength is its spectacular appearance.

Rays G50 For Sale

The Brand Popularity of Rays Wheels

Rays Wheels Engineering has a name and fame that cannot be ignored. The Japanese beast is an industry that has been forging wheels for decades now. The diligent workmanship of the people who work there is simply commendable. You can see the amount of work its workers put in by the looks of their products. The fine detailing on the wheels and the meticulous structure they prepare bear testimony to their excellent engineering skills. They painstakingly work to make the company’s vision a reality. Rays wheels leaves no stones unturned to deliver what we consider as some of the best wheels mankind has ever seen. One such product that comes from the churning wheels of toil is the all new Rays G50.

Volk Racing G50

Rays G50 walks tall in the lineup of Volk Racing, the exquisite brand that identifies with high performance wheels. It is the number one choice when it comes to people selecting sports rides accessories for rally races. Volk Racing lineup covers some thrilling designs and retain a wide range of products that score well on the strength meter. They have the right amount of stiffness to complement all sorts of rides. They work great with both racing cars and conventional normal ones.

The Stunning Rays G50 Vibes

Known for its killer looks, the wheel features a five spoke design to ace its sporty appearance. There is ample gap between the spokes that facilitate bigger calipers to easily make it behind the wheel. Braking is further assisted when these gaps serve as dissipation points. It cools down the brakes thereby squeezing out better outputs in dire arduous conditions. Sports feel is quite evident on its frontal section. The grooves are right next to the center cap with a design carving that helps it to stand out on a different cloud altogether. What packs in a different feel is its starry appearance. When you look at it from a distance it seems analogous to a star. Spokes converge into a depth that embellishes the concavity of Rays G50. They meet the flange in a brilliant fashion. At no point does it leave the stylish caves. The anti-slip paint will let you get a glimpse into its rad finishing. What is perfect is the fact that it doesn’t wear out, and that external agents like gravel, stones and tarmac have literally no effect on the colour that so brilliantly hangs on to it. The grooves are all on the same planar medium as the center cap is. A design like that aids to emphasize on the center cap further. Rim profiling is absolutely perfect for the tires. They make for a great grip thereby assisting the driver into garnering a great riding experience.

Strength Department of G50

Volk Racing G50 packs in immense strength to deliver fascinating results. The stiffness quotient is something that will let you make the most of the ride you are in. Even though it fares extremely well in the strength department, it doesn’t compromise on its weight. Volk Racing G50 is lightweight enough to let you dab that throttle without any hindrance. Meaning that the overall vehicular mass goes down profusely owing to its lightweight nature, which supplements swift movement of the vehicle. Speeding wouldn’t have felt better before.

Rays G50 Colors

You get three color options here: 1. Rays G50 Formula Silver Black Clear 2. Dark Purple Gun Metal 3. Prism Dark Silver