The RAYS gramLIGHTS 57-BNA is the company’s second wheel model that utilizes the hybrid machining technology on its product. It is available in multiple sizes and colors as well.

RAYS gram LIGHTS 57-BNA for Sale

About RAYS

Remaining at the top of car racing activities is vital for RAYS since it gives them the opportunity to compete in earnest while displaying the excellence and quality of their wheels. The company doesn’t just integrate their knowledge when it comes to manufacturing their racing wheels, but they apply it thoroughly for every customer to enjoy the feel and strength of each wheel they produce. Their knowledge when it comes to creating stronger and lighter wheels can also be influenced by the manufacturing of cast-sport and forged wheels – both of which are highly notable for their outstanding performance. So to keep the quality and standards of all their wheels, RAYS ensures that all of their products are made in Japan.

The RAYS gram LIGHTS 57-BNA Wheels

The RAYS gramLIGHTS 57-BNA features a 2 x 7 type mesh style that makes use of hybrid machining that links the diamond cut with machining that is specifically adopted for the 57-ANA. Hybrid machining is utilized to frequently adjust the angle and shape that fits perfectly with the RAYS gramLIGHTS 57-BNA to achieve the perfect shape. Having the mesh design accomplishes a perfectly matched balance with various kinds of vehicles that range from compact cars to middle-class vehicles. The central portion has been made into a rounded shape to provide a four-hole model arrangement which could not have been achieved with the 57-ANA’s design.

RAYS Cast Flow-Forming Method or RCF

RAYS greatly improves the performance of all its cast wheels by integrating the spinning process utilized for all forged wheels to the cast rim molding. This is referred to as the RCF process or the RAYS Cast Flow Forming Process. The method is specifically designed to boost the strength of all cast wheels by producing a tissue that is similar to fiber flow lines that are found within the form of every cast wheel. Creating cast wheels with this process is one of the areas where RAYS greatly excels; additionally, strength and lightness are not the only advantages when utilizing the RCF method. The rim’s width of ordinary cast wheels is restricted by the cast utilized; yet with the RCF process, it allows RAYS to provide consumers with a wide array of rim widths since it imposes no restrictions upon manufacture.

JWL+R Spec-1

It is necessary for all wheel manufacturers to adhere to and pass the standards of the JWL, which is why RAYS conducts their own strength test to better reflect the real driving conditions. The company also requires all its wheels to meet their JWL+R standards while all their cast wheels should meet their strict JWL+R SPEC-1 standards.

RAYS gramLIGHTS 57-BNA Sizes, & Colors

RAYS gramLIGHTS 57-BNA comes in sizes that range from 17 to 19 inches while the colors available include Shining Silver and Super Dark Gunmetal.

Additional Accessories

Upon purchasing the wheels, the 57-BNA also comes with either a black or blue chrome center cap, as well as an HB-1 valve when acquired.


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