The RAYS gramLIGHTS 57ANA X is an augmented version of the five-hole 57ANA X; and today, it features six holes, as well as a 2 x 6 design.

RAYS gram LIGHTS 57ANA X for Sale

RAYS Wheels

RAYS’ wheels have been winning championships in different categories of car races but victory isn’t the only reason why they participate in such activities. The most vital element here is to prove the efficiency and quality of their wheels through these wins, while simultaneously acquiring more experience to further improve their products; these know-hows can only be acquired by joining in such races.

RAYS gram LIGHTS 57ANA X Wheels

The six-hole model 57ANA X has utilized the surface-treatment technology called hybrid machining; and since the company has made use of the industry’s very first process of hybrid machining, RAYS has reformed the popular five-hole type 57ANA to a six-hole piece for the 4 WD. The design and style changed from the 2×5 design to the 2×6 design based on the six-hole formation. For this specific model, the company follows the essential features such as balance optimization for 4-WD and hybrid machining for each portion of the spoke’s width and depth. Furthermore, the RAYS gramLIGHTS 57ANA X continues to follow the basic functions, and by adding the rim via spinning, the wheel adopts the RCF process that creates a stronger and lighter rim. This is done by making the detailed form dense.

The RCF Model

RAYS greatly improves the performance of all of their cast wheels by utilizing the spinning process that is also used for forged wheels to cast the rim molding. This process is known as the RCF or RAYS’ Cast Flow-Forming method which is designed to boost the durability of cast wheels by producing tissues that are similar to fiber-flow lines in the wheel’s structure. Producing these types of wheels using this process is just one of the areas where the company excels; and by utilizing the RCF process which actually stretches the rim via spinning, creates a stronger and tighter rim. Additionally, the rim’s width can also be set in 1/2j increments; it also conforms to various wear finishings.

Hybrid Machining Process

The latest surface treatment process where diamond cutting and machining are continuous combines these two methods; it is repeatedly adjusted to perfectly fit the needs of the company to create excellent wheels like the RAYS gramLIGHTS 57ANA X. Depending on the positioning of the light and the viewing angle, the wheel appears to have a three-dimensional appearance.


Every Japanese wheel manufacturer adheres to the minimum strength requirements of the JWL standards; so to keep the quality and efficiency of RAYS’ wheels, they created and go through their own practical strength tests that better displays the actual driving environments of consumers. The company requires that all of the wheels they produce meet their in-house standards, and that also goes for their cast wheels which need to meet more rigorous and strict in-house standards via their JWL + R SPEC-1.

RAYS gramLIGHTS 57ANA X Colors

The available size for the gramLIGHTS 57ANA X is twenty inches, and the available color is Super Dark Gunmetal. The included accessory when purchasing the 57ANA X is the HB-1 Air Valve.


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