The 57ANA is a cast single piece wheel and these types of wheel support and assist the body of high-powered vehicles (namely sports cars) while also meeting the needs for customized dress ups. The Gram LIGHTS 57ANA are wheels made to withstand the most diverse set of needs which range from various sports racing activities to custom dress ups. The company’s development and abilities allow it to quickly respond to the clients’ ever-changing needs, plus they also have a flexible system when it comes to the production of multiple models to also meet the needs of the customers.

RAYS Gram LIGHTS 57ANA for Sale


Rays is a wheel manufacturing company that has been involved in some of the world’s top notch and grand motor races, as well as in all the other categories of racing that surpasses the competitive level. The company does not limit their operations to Japan since they have already taken part in various races that have been held in the United States and also in Europe.

Wheel Design

The 57ANA’s design concept is to exhibit the next level of three-dimensional design and style. Up front, the wheels appear to be a 2×5 spoke rim yet once the angle changes, you will instantly see a completely different display. Because of its highly developed three-dimensional design, its central part changes in appearance depending on the angle from where the wheel is viewed. Furthermore, these kinds of aspects are greatly highlighted by a specific design that concentrates on the spoke’s vertical section by restricting its concaveness thus, drawing out its three-dimensional aspect. Additionally, its central cap has also been freshly manufactured to match each of the colors available.

JWL+R Spec 1

It is believed that the standards of the JWL that are adhered to in Japan are considered to be the minimum strength requirements that every wheel manufacturer should meet. With that, Rays conducts their own strength tests since they claim that these better reflect the conditions of actual driving. Since they have their own set of tests, the company requires that all of their wheels should meet the company’s in-house standards which is the JWL+R; all of its cast wheels should meet the strict and more rigorous standards of the JWL+R Spec 1.

To ensure that their wheels are always safe, the JWL+R tests include the following: the first test that is conducted would be the ninety-degree impact test, followed by the post-deformation dynamic test for the wheel’s inner rim. The second test is necessary to confirm if the deformed wheels crack, or if their nuts end up loose when subject to rotation tests right after the ninety-degree impact test. The company does not stop with these strict tests since they also conduct paint durability checks and rigidity analysis to be entirely sure that there are no problems with the wheel’s quality.

Colors and Sizes of the Gram LIGHTS 57ANA

The available shades of the 57ANA are Shining Silver and Super Dark Gunmetal; for the sizes, these range from seventeen to twenty inches where each wheel features an air valve plus a center cap.


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