RAYS 57-CNA is the very first twenty-two-inch wheel that has been categorized under the brand gramLIGHTS. The wheels come in two finishes namely Shining Silver and Super Dark Gunmetal.

RAYS gram LIGHTS 57CNA for Sale


RAYS is a wheel manufacturing company that focuses on providing customers with some of the best wheels that give everyone a sense of security, plus high levels of satisfaction. For the company to have ultimate confidence and quality in all the wheels that they create, RAYS continues to produce their products in Japan. The company also aims to determine every driver’s needs to maintain the quality of all their products while simultaneously delivering efficient and durable wheels to the market. The key to achieving all of RAYS’ goals is by utilizing their in-house production system and manufacturing all their products in the country.

RAYS gram LIGHTS 57-CNA Wheels

RAYS now offers the very first twenty-two-inch wheel for all of its consumers which only means that the L-Class SUV’s, as well as mini-vans, are covered. This allows the drivers to enjoy quality and excellent wheels in any driving condition. Since the wheel’s design provides adequate volume despite the product’s size, the gramLIGHTS 57-CNA is an outstanding match for bigger vehicles. The product, which is part of the 20-inch wheel lineup, is a 2 x 10 mesh-type model that makes use of hybrid machining called 57-CNA; its mesh design guarantees that its base volume is adequate enough even when it is matched with vehicle bodies like mini-vans or L-Class SUV’s.

Hybrid Machining

The RAYS gramLIGHTS 57-CNA is also known as the 3rd model that makes use of hybrid machining which is actually a process that enhances the angles and shape of the wheel, allowing it to achieve a 3D appearance.

Casting Technology

RAYS’ cast wheels can readily support high-powered sports cars as well as meet all the needs and requisites of customized designs and dress-ups. Also, the wheels are made from top-notch materials which make the RAYS gramLIGHTS 57-CNA efficient enough to cater to the numerous needs of customers: from sporting activities to customized dress-ups, and huge SUVs to cool mini-cars. With the casting process from RAYS, their cast wheels like the gramLIGHTS 57-CNA are highly advantageous due to these being lightweight and strong. The RCF or RAYS Cast Flow-Forming wheels is available commercially and these feature adequate power to challenge and win tough car races like the World Touring Car Championships, the D1 Grand Prix, and the British Touring Car Championship.

The JWL + R SPEC-1 from RAYS

All wheel manufacturers in Japan are required to meet the JWL standards which are considered as the necessary minimum-strength standards for wheels. To also ensure the quality and effectiveness of their wheels, RAYS ensures that all of their wheels pass their own in-house JWL + R standards; for the cast wheels, these should also pass the requirements of the company’s JWL + R SPEC-1 standards.

RAYS gramLIGHTS 57-CNA Accessories, Sizes, and Colors

RAYS gramLIGHTS 57-CNA measures at 20 & 22 inches and the available colors include Shining Silver and Super Dark Gunmetal. Upon purchase, an HB1 Air Valve and center cap is also included.


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