The 2017 model – RAYS Gram LIGHTS 57CR – has been inspired by the original Gramlights CR and has made numerous improvements on its concaveness and design while also adding a little lip to the wheel’s final design. The Gram LIGHTS 57CR continues the company’s 57C legacy in a highly improved and redesigned package that is stronger, more durable, and lighter compared to its predecessor; however, it still follows the same arrangement as the 57DR when it comes to the available sizes but there are also new features that make the wheel even better than ever.

RAYS Gram LIGHTS 57CR for Sale

The Gram LIGHTS 57CR

The wheel features a strong and sturdy five-spoke design together with the new 57 and RAYS engraved right into the spokes; this is to avoid making use of decal stickers while also avoiding replicas of the wheel. The central part of the wheel does away with the extra drilled holes for reducing heaviness since the Gram LIGHTS 57CR has enough weight reduced from its spokes. The wheel also includes a black high-speed air valve which is necessary to better match the 57CR.

The all new Gram Lights 57CR is the new five-spoke model that has been created in a new lightweight concept; its spoke emerges from the rim then through the central portion to provide the ultimate concave style while keeping the strength and rigidity as 57CR’s priority. The brand new 57CR also features optimal size settings that are adequate for motorsports such as drifting and racing; and with its simply defined style, it provides the wheel with a visual appeal and optimal brake clearance.

Colors & Sizes of the Gram LIGHTS 57CR

When it comes to the color of the Gram LIGHTS 57CR, this cast single piece wheel features two cool colors: Gun Blue II and the Glossy Black. The wheel introduces the brand new Gun Blue II finish which adds a sleek and deeper blue aspect to the original Gun Blue shade. Air valves are also featured on each wheel and optional center caps are also available but sold separately. For the sizes, these range from seventeen to eighteen inches.

The Company

Rays Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of car wheels in Japan and they offer cast wheels as well as gear and parts which include air valves, center caps, hub rings, bolts and nuts, etc. When it comes to their wheels, RAYS requires that all of their products meet their own in-house standards (the JWL+R), and for all their cast wheels, these need to pass all of the company’s in-house standards for the JWL+R SPEC 1.

The RAYS’ JWL+R is conducted to ensure that all the wheels that they produce are safe and ready for use; these tests also involve the following: their first test conducted will be the ninety-degree impact test then the second test would be the post deformation dynamic radial fatigue test which is specifically for the wheel’s inner rim. The test is necessary to determine whether the deformed wheels crack or if their nuts loosen during rotation test which happens right after the ninety-degree impact test.


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