Rays Gram LIGHTS 57GMA

The gram LIGHTS 57GMA from Rays is a cast wheel which means that it can readily support numerous high-powered sports vehicles while also meeting the needs of customers and allowing everyone to enjoy the speed, as well as the safety of driving around with reliable wheels. Their wheels are focused on catering a variety of needs – from sports activities to numerous custom dress-ups, and from huge SUV’s to the coolest minicars. The development and improvement of Rays’ capabilities allow them to swiftly and adequately respond to the needs of clients that continue to change each day; plus, they also have a flexible system that readily creates models while meeting all the needs and necessities of every custom market.

Rays Gram LIGHTS 57GMA for Sale

The Rays Gram LIGHTS 57GMA

Rays has been participating in numerous high-level motor races of the world such as the GT1 and World Championships, plus all the other categories of motorcar racing that has surpassed the competitive level. The company does not limit its operations to Japan since Rays have continuously been participating in various car races in Europe and in the United States as well. The Gram Lights brand under RAYS pushes the process of casting to a whole new level and it makes use of a one-of-a-kind approach when it comes to finishing and design, as well as achieving the best in wheel performance, real sports, and also achieving excellence and safety for everyone who utilizes Rays’ wheels.

Design of the LIGHTS 57GMA

The company has incorporated the same concept which makes this stoic spoke design excellent for anyone who wishes to have freedom when it comes to dressing up the style of their wheels. The wheels feature a rounded flange shape to readily adapt to the vehicle’s body volume; plus, it also features an undercut finish right at its spoke’s end to highlight the long spokes while simultaneously reducing the wheel’s weight wherever possible.

The Gram LIGHTS 57GMA features a machined logo right on the rounded shape of the rim flange; this process allows everyone to see the high machining technology on a curved surface while also promoting a high-quality accent. With this, stickers will no longer be utilized which can greatly prevent the creation of replica wheels that do not have guaranteed excellence and safety on the road.


It is said that the JWL standards in Japan are considered as the minimum strength standard that should be met by all the wheel manufacturers; and because of that, Rays conducts its own in-house strength tests that better and adequately displays the actual driving conditions. The company requires all of their wheels to meet their own standards, the JWL+R, while all of their cast wheels should meet the more rigorous and strict in-house standards which is the JWL+R SPEC 1.

During the JWL+R test, Rays takes into consideration the modern-day cars and tires by also making use of in-house test items that meet the actual driving conditions then testing their wheels using these.

The Colors and Sizes

There are two available colors for RAYS’ Gram LIGHTS 57GMA and these include the Diamond Cut or Side Super Dark Gunmetal, and the Diamond Cut or Matte Black Clear; there are also two sizes available and these are eighteen and nineteen inches.


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