The RAYS Gram LIGHTS 57XMA is known as the second model of the AZURE series – 57XMX. A sub spoke is set right in between each of the wheel’s 2X5 spoke arrangements. The design of the Gram LIGHTS 57XMA’s slim spoke targets the minivans and SUV’s, and with its body mass in thought, the wheel’s flange is given a rounded shape; additionally, its rounded design offers a dimensional sense where its central part is deep. The company’s dress up series for SUV’s acquired influences from Gram LIGHTS’ idea of being lightweight so the company created the RAYS Gram LIGHTS 57XMA with a fifteen spoke design to create a balanced distribution of strength and weight to be able to produce wheels that are functional and visually appealing.

RAYS Gram LIGHTS 57XMA for Sale


RAYS creates and manufactures their wheels by gaining experience and ideas from the race track which only proves that car races are great places for them to acquire invaluable experience to create their products. RAYS has been involved in numerous high-level motor car races all over the world and these include the GT1 and the F1 World Championships. The company also does not limit their operations to Japan, but they also take part in different car races in Europe and the United States. The sports brand under RAYS – Gram LIGHTS – exhibits ultimate performance by pushing their casting methods to its limit. Since the company employs excellent and cutting-edge wheel ideas in manufacturing the best wheels, RAYS gram LIGHTS provides a heightened level of performance to satisfy every driver who has a passion and heart for sports car racing, while also offering them unique ideas when it comes to innovative wheel finishes and designs.

Gram LIGHTS 57XMA Design

The 57XMA features a rounded flange shape that will easily help the wheel adapt to the vehicle’s body volume. It also has an undercut finish right at the end of the spoke to emphasize the elongated spokes while simultaneously decreasing the weight wherever it is possible. Gram LIGHTS also has its logo machined on the wheel’s rim flange to display the company’s high-technology when it comes to machining on curved surfaces. RAYS also created a new center cap to equally match the color of the AZURE wheel series.

Gram LIGHTS 57XMA Technology

The 57XMA is a cast single piece wheel that has passed the JWL+R SPEC 1 which is the company’s safety standard for all of their manufactured cast wheels. It is said the JWL standards are the minimum strength requirements every wheel manufacturer should meet; so with that, the company conducts their own in-house strength test that better and further reflects the conditions of actual driving. To achieve excellent wheels that are strong and safe, RAYS requires all of their wheels to meet their in-house standards which is the JWL+R while their cast wheels should meet the more rigorous and strict in-house standards of the JWL+R SPEC 1.

Gram LIGHTS 57XMA Colors and Sizes

The available finishes for the 57XMA include the Diamond Cut / Side Super Dark Gunmetal, and the Side Black / Matte Black Clear / Diamond Cut. The sizes that are available are just seventeen and eighteen inches yet each of the wheels include an aluminum air valve and a center cap.


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