RAYS gram LIGHTS 57-CR is another product from RAYS that goes under the gram LIGHTS brand. The wheels come in two different sizes as well as two different colors.

RAYS gramLIGHTS 57-CR for Sale

RAYS Engineering Co. Ltd.

RAYS is a high-end wheel manufacturer in Japan for both street and motorsport use. The company is mostly known for producing their Volk Racing flagship wheels; however, it is a usual misconception that Volk Racing is RAYS’ parent company since it is most associated with the brand name. All of their wheels offer high-tech forging methods that are genuinely exclusive to RAYS. The gram LIGHTS brand exhibits ultimate and quality performance by pushing the casting methods to its maximum limits. And via the utilization of cutting-edge wheel theories when it comes to manufacturing its wheels, the brand offers a high level of performance that greatly satisfies every passionate sports driver.

The RAYS gram LIGHTS 57-CR Wheels

The RAYS gramLIGHTS 57-CR is the company’s latest five-spoke model that features excellent size settings for use in sporting activities such as drifting. The 57-CR offers great concave lines that match perfectly to each rim width and size; the simple yet cultivated design provides a visual charm that features a concave-face style for great brake clearance.

No More Decal Stickers

The RAYS logo, as well as the 57 mark, are imprinted on the spoke and are now carved using the latest production technology. Decal stickers are avoided to prevent others from creating replicas of these wheels. Additionally, the rubber-type air valve is utilized to withstand tough and challenging environments and the valve cap is made of aluminum to offer excellent function and design.

RAYS’ RCF Method

The company greatly improves its cast wheels’ performance by incorporating the spinning process utilized for forged wheels to cast-rim molding; the process is called the RAYS Cast-Flow Forming method or RCF. This special method from RAYS is crafted to boost the strength and power of cast wheels by producing a tissue that is similar to fiber-flow lines in cast wheels. Creating cast wheels with this specific process is one of the areas in which RAYS transcends.


The JWL standards that are being adhered to in Japan are said to be the minimum strength requirements that every wheel manufacturer should meet. RAYS is a company that makes use of their own strength test since it better displays the actual conditions of driving; they also require that all their wheels meet, or even surpass their own JWL+R in-house standards, while their cast wheels should meet the more rigorous standards of the JWL+R SPEC-1. Safety is also one of the absolute requirements that the company should meet, no matter how much they aim to achieve high and excellent performance. The essential mission of the company is to make sure of the safety of all drivers who utilize their wheels.

RAYS gramLIGHTS 57-CR Colors, Sizes, and Accessories

This cast, single piece wheel is available in Glossy Black and Gun Blue yet for those who want a 2018 limited edition piece, Sakura Pink is also available. Air valves are also included for each wheel and sizes that are available include 17 x 9, 18 x 9, and 18 x 10.5 with numerous offsets to suit a variety of applications. Additionally, there are also center caps available which are sold separately.


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