Rays TE37

Nothing matches the high performance offered by the wheel Rays TE37. It comes straight from the stylish lineup of Volk Racing and is an absolute delight when it comes to the visuals. It features a superb six spoke design and impactful strength and lightness that ensure you keep winning races.

Rays TE37 For Sale

Rays Wheels

The brand that found the light in the year 1973 has been manufacturing extraordinary wheels ever since. The company has garnered ample experience with their exquisite product lineups that imbibe some high quality engineering. Wheels that get forged under the aegis of Rays wheels are extremely durable, stiff and lightweight in nature meant to impart astounding performance on even arduous roads. They are downright perfect for track races, and do extremely well on tarmac, gravel and dirt roads. You can incorporate these wheels for commercial driving as well, where you can make your ride a little upbeat. One such wheel that frontlines Volk Racing with its enchanting look and impactful performance is the all new Rays TE37.

The Main Features of Volk Racing TE37

To say that Rays TE37 gives a good performance would be an understatement. The wheel is extraordinary when it comes to handling. It works in accordance with the steer listening to your every command and complying with the turns. It fares brilliantly whilst cornering. Acceleration and deceleration, which are key factors skimming a racing event are all attended to just as you dab that throttle or remove your leg from it. Braking which is the crux of racing is also well supplemented by Rays TE37. There is ample room for braking calipers to get accommodated. With the space that is evident from the looks of it, you get a proper heat dissipation which further amplifies the braking experience. Performance-wise the Volk Racing TE37 gives you magnificent results. No wonder the wheel has been icing sports event with its all across the globe. The promise of Japanese Engineering which is considered to be one of the best in the world walks hand in hand with Rays TE37 delivering enthralling results to pro-racers.

Appearance of Volk Racing TE37

The center cap dons a simplistic design which makes the Rays TE37 appealing in its looks. The six spoke design facilitates easy movement, allowing proper air flow in and out. It helps the brakes a great deal with the cooling effect. Also, with a spacious mien Rays TE37 ensures that there is dirt clogging in between the wheels. If somehow it succumbs to mud, a normal wash can easily get it. The five grooves in the center surround the center cap exhuming a pleasing feel. It masters the concave nature as the spokes coincide to the center imparting it a depth it deserves. The outer part of the spokes blend beautifully with the flange without protruding out much, something that could obstruct the air flow. So in the end you get a smooth seamless driving experience.

Rays TE37 For Sale

You get a single variant here available in Bronze tinge. The color has a darker hue that will play gorgeously with the tires. Width-wise the wheels are larger well cut out for sports racing. Put a tire around and you will see amazingly it completes the picture. It facilitates a great grip too complementing the tire at every juncture. It has just the stiffness your car deserves. The finishing on it is a stellar feat. The anti-slip coat gleams like a star ensuring your car is loved and revered by all the spectators and not just by you. Rays TE37 is available in different sizes to meet your car requirement. Choose the one that sits comfortably with the tires.