Rays TE37SL

Rays TE37SL is as sporty as your wheels could get. Apart from packing in a sporty feel, what you also get is a thrilling performance on tarmac roads. It is one of the most lightweight variants of Volk Racing that facilitate swifter movement of cars. Faster rides means staying at the top position! Bide by your winning streak!

Rays TE37SL For Sale

Rays Wheels Industry

Rays wheels engineering has been around for more than four decades. They have successfully built a trust that no one can overlook. As the technology progresses new parts and accessories keep adding up to their brochure. As a result, they walk hand in hand with the advancement in engineering and come up with thrilling results to surprise racing enthusiasts. Rays TE37SL is one such brilliant product that stands in the vanguard of Volk Racing lineup where you could see miracles of weight reduction coming into play. Rays TE37SL is aimed at delivering outstanding results when it comes to handling and aids to take the speedometer up another notch. Invest in this beauty and winning races will be a regular thing for you.

Benefits of Volk Racing TE37SL

Volk Racing TE37SL aims to achieve perfect results when it comes to cantering down tricky lanes. It facilitates brilliant cornering where wheels comply with whatever the steering feeds it. It gives you a great handling experience as you take your ride down arduous tracks. Not only is the Rays TE37SL forged to attain minimalistic weight, but is also tuned to achieve some more reduction. It claims the lightest TE to get a light feel, which you will realize the moment you pick it up. Lighter wheels insinuate that you will be able to soar at high speeds.

Volk Racing TE37SL – Appearance and Performance

It is a state-of-the-art rays wheel that has a nice sporty ring to it. Owing to its 6 spoke design there is plenty of room for the braking calipers and disc to be accommodated. The heating effect entailed in braking gets cooled down to a great extent since it is constantly in the touch of the air. The center design is quite simplistic in nature which allows it to make the most of its natural flair. Five big grooves take care of the internal riveting whilst facilitating braking. One of the spokes pays Volk Racing tribute with a sticker which gives it a swell appearance. Spokes pack in a concave finesse as they converge towards the center. A 3D look is obtained unknowingly which goes easy on the eyes. The design is very modish and still very trendy when you pay attention to other lineups in the same category. It is available in two different color variants. Choose the one that complements the color of your car. These are namely: 1. Pressed Graphite 2. Pressed Double Black

Rim of Rays TE37SL

The outer edge of the wheel holds the tire perfectly. It is here where the strength of the wheel truly lies since the car is supposed to tread on it. The rim takes care of the tires profusely fitting it to nail an impeccable grip. Both the wheel and the tire play along to provide the driver a great driving experience. Volk Racing TE37SL finds some of the best profiling done on its rim where you could see how well finishing is achieved. Its anti-slip paint ensures that the whole system stays intact where oncoming intrusion from gravel and stones don’t spoil the overall appearance of the wheel. Dirt can be easily removed with the help of simple wash. With so much room around the spokes, the Rays TE37SL stays mud-free. Try it at once!