Rays TE37V

TE37V packs in a very simplistic vintage design at the same time not leaving the enclaves of sportiness. Featuring a 6 spoke design that tries to achieve a lightweight feel, it is an epitome of strength that ensures you make the most of an exhilarating driving experience.

Rays TE37V For Sale

The Fame of Rays Wheels Engineering

The popular Japanese brand Rays wheels has been around for more than 4 decades now, still coming up with enthralling range of products that help you to satiate your driving needs. Manufacturing wheels of the highest quality that deliver endearing performance, it has pigeonholed its products under various lineups. One such extraordinary lineup brand is the Volk Racing brand, which is known for its excellence. The highly esteemed brand takes into the vanguard one of the most unique designs ever forged named as Rays TE37V. Volk Racing TE37V is just what you need for an invigorating ride. Bring that classical stream and charm into the grand competitiveness of racing by using the vibrancy of these wheels.

Rays TE37V Benefits

To begin with Rays TE37V packs in a stunning feel in the looks department. The rim profile juts out to impart a depth to the spokes plane that meets its central structure in a magnificent fashion. The center cap is surrounded by 4 to 5 grooves which try ambitiously to break the conventional look of sports wheel. It masters the concave appearance to exhume a certain profundity to the wheel structure. It is more of a trench like structure which is helpful in discouraging dust from settling in. The protective layer also ensures that harmful elements like stones, gravel, tarmac and pebbles don’t hit the braking system or cause damage to the internal regions of the wheel. The intelligently forged Rays TE37V has lots of space to ensure that its braking mechanism runs unhindered, with proper outlet for heat. The cooling effect ensures that brakes work smoothly throughout incessant laps.

Finishing on the Rays TE37V

It is hard not to notice the exquisite finishing that the Volk Racing TE37V packs in. The anti-slip paint that it adorns is downright outstanding. Even during punishing wild runs they don’t yield retaining the original texture and its enchanting hue. Bad weather and withering conditions fail to remove its appealing varnish. Such quality work is evident on the wheel.

Profound Flange of Volk Racing TE37V

When you scale your way back to the flange you see how brilliantly it has been forged. Tires fit to perfection with a taut grip to keep the whole setup together aiding the driver into taking his riding experience to the seamless enclave. Rays TE37V makes sure you the performance meter stays up to the mark, as you garner a great cornering feel whenever roads end up in daunting curves. The accelerating and decelerating factors that play a key role in driving at high speeds are well assisted by the Rays TE37V as it takes care of the handling of the vehicle. The car can steep from high speed to low and vice versa well accentuate by the Volk Racing TE37V compliance. If you wish to stay the charm of the race, this is the wheel you should opt for. From a distance, it throws in quite a badass vibe as the wheels rev into motion. The six spoke hurl a starry feel on a tarry road as it reflects light in style.

Rays TE37V Optional Colors

It speaks of only the contemporary mien as it proudly walks in with 2 primary color variants worth choosing from. Pick your favourite one or the one that you feel is right for your car. These variants have been mentioned below: 1. Bronze 2. Gunmetal